What’s My Secret?

People asked me this kind of question often and makes me wonder am I really that thin,slim or skinny? Everywhere I go I got asked by people if what is my secret why I have the body I have now. They even asked if I eat and I said smile and said oh yeah but I’m a big eater. I usually eat alot though, I eat like every 3-4 hours, it depends. If I feel like eating I always eat but not much. I don’t control my food and I just eat as much as I can. Hhehehhe yeah isn’t that sound like a big eater? It sure does but oh well hey let’s enjoy our life right? But anyway I haveno secret with my diet at all. I always eat if you see me hehehhehehehhe, thekitchen will miss me if I ain’t there for 3 hours or so hehehehhe. That’s all for now and hope you enjoy it…Eat fresh stay healthy hehehhe, I just say that from the television.

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