Too Much Drama Everywhere….

Today I was on the CB chatroom and was on watch mode for awhile. I was
reading this other people messages and I just feel too much drama about it.
I don’t know why but it’s just is, too much fighting, crying and whatever
they can say off hehehhehehe. I love the chatroom though, although
sometimes the drama is always there. There’s some few people that I know
which I stay contact with until now. So it’s a nice place for me to meet
new friends too. Yet I can’t trust all of them because I can’t really
tell who my real and true friend unless they can prove it to me. I’ve been
in that kind of situation that I trust my friend and just treat her
like my sister. But it didn’t last long I found out what she up to
behind my back hehehehheeh. Anyway, that’s all the drama for today

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