Drinking While Chatting

Yeah last night I was drinking and chatting at the same time hehehheheheh. I was in the mood for some drinking after 3 years I didn’t have. Yeah it’s been that long since the last time I was drinking. So Last night I tried drinking the bud light, I’ve never had this kind of drink before since I always drink red wine or sometime white wine.

My friend was just laughing at me because it’s there first time to see me drinking. Well it was just one bottle and that really give me buzz. I feel like I’m floating on the air ahhahahahha. I was out and so I just log off and went to bed early hehehhehehhehe. Crazy huh but it was fun, plus there’s a good music wewwww it was just a fun nigh tfor me. I didn’t say long on the chat cause I might do crazy things I won’t remember. But I’m good when I’m drunk though hehhehehehe. So there’s no worries when it come to that. That’s all for now and take care everyone.

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