What Do I Eat For Desser?

A small place with small fruits in it is fine with me. Each time we go to the Chinese buffet the people will just look at me cause when it’s dessert time this is all I get in my plate. Above is the photo of the fruits that I like to eat alot. I don’t care if I don’t have any cakes whatsoever, as long as I have fruits on my plates that’s all I want. I’m easy to feed you know, no need to worry what’s for dessert. Just open your refrigerator and I’ll find dessert.

My friend always laugh at me because I don’t eat much and when it comes to dessert I don’t get much hehehehhe. Well I get full to easy and I even though I tried alot of time to like the dessert. I just can’t, I feel like I can’t swallow it. But one thing though, I love brownies, macaroni salad and other dessert. It will take forever if I write it all hehehhehehhehe. Thanks everyone and have a wonderful time.

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