Scrap Lazy Layout

I have nothing to do the other night since they didn’t give any opps at all. So I thought doing some scrapbook would be nice since it’s been awhile since I had my last scrapbook. I think I made about 6 scrapbook last week which is cool cause I love doing it. This is one of the scrapbook that I finish, this picture was taken last year in Michigan. I have my bang short still huh hehehehhehe. Yeah but now it’s long I let it grow because I think it’s better that way and some people says it’s beautiful when my bangs is longer hehehehhe. Wow ha flattered talaga heheehhehe sure. Well anyway just want to share this quict page…Take care everyone….

I use the kit from Ashalee Wall “Giving Love”.
“The Scrapper” words is from Christina Renes.

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