…..I love watching it now since it’s getting better and exciting. Sometimes it’s kinda non sense cause too much pasikot2x hehehhehehhehe….Yeah sometimes I feel like it’s way over the boarders because this isn’t how the original marimar before. But anyway, I’m still loving it and it makes me cry sometimes because there’s so much drama going on. Now it’s really sentimental because of Marimar’s sister Angelika is in comatose. Which means she is going to die soon if she won’t be awake……I love drama sometimes but when it’s too much I usually click the forward button to I can proceed to the next scenes hehehehhe. Can’t waste too much tears from watching marimar, I have to save some of my tears for other telesery that I might like hehehhehe. Anyway, that’s what I have been doing other than scrapbooking, blogging, typing, and more hehehehhehe. Marimar is the telesery that entertain me all the time, cause too much love and drama you know. hehhehehehhehe…Take care everyone…..

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