Macaroni Salad

Hello everyone….I have some dessert recipe for you all….Well I know some of you know this already but for those who doesn’t. I would like to share you this “Macaroni Salad” recipe which we had during New Year eve.

I never thought that this would turn out the way I wanted it. This is my first time to make macaroni, because I was really sure if it’s going to be as good as others. But during New Year I tried to make macaroni and so happy that it turn-out really delicious.

2 cups of mayonnaise
4 nestle cream (I have the small can that’s why I used four)
2 condensed milk (the regular size, not the small)
2 bottle of kaong different colour (which you can get at any filipino store of asian store)
Raisins (on mine I didn’t put raisins because we forget to buy, but adding raisins is good)
2 lbs. macaroni (you can use small amount if you want, it’s all depends on how many people is are eating the dessert)


1. Boiled the macaroni, follow that instruction from the package.
2. Drain the macaroni and wash it with cold water, to avoid sticking to each other.
3. When it’s drain and cool off a little bet, put in the bowl to mix.
4. Add all the ingredient and mix it well, if you want it to be sweeter, simply add more condensed to it.
5. Then put it inside the refrigerator and when it’s cold serve it and yummyyyy.

That’s how simple it was for me to prepare since I have everything ready already hehehhehehe. Also about the kaong, to make your macaroni more colorful. You can buy different color of kaong because they comes with different color. That will make the macaroni look really nice. So I hope you enjoy this simple recipe I have, if you have some question simply leave comments and I will answer you. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day.

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