It’s Cold Grrrrrrrrrrrr

……….Today is kinda cold for me….Well it’s not really that bad but still it’s cold, since I get use with the warm weather of Texas already. I didn’t know that it will get as cold as like this though ahhahhahha. Just like when I first arrived here, it was hot and I just want to stay inside the house cause of the hot weather. But then I get over it and loving it already, and now each time I’m in the cold weather I always complain ehhehehhe. What it is really huh hehehhehe cold or warm.. I’d rather go with warm, not too much hot which is really good, because you can have fun during the day doing things and at night it’s perfect. Anyway, the weather in the place where I’m at right now is beautiful, it’s cold but it’s ok. I just stay inside the house anyway, so not much complain hehehehhe. Alright that’s it and take care everyone….

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