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This morning I was found this great website called “Club Of America”. Here you will find their beer of the month club which is really cool. They have Beer of month club, and what is good about this is you can join to their web site to be able to get their beer of the month. With each beer of the month they ship you twelve pack of four different types of hand-crafted microbrewed beer in 12 ounce bottles. It will be deliver to your home or office fresh and that’s it for $21.95 per month plus $10.00 shipping. So isn’t subscribing to this beer of the month worth it? I think it is because you will have a taste of each beer that they will have. For the beer of the month you will get twelve pack of four type of unique microbrewed beer in 12-ounces bottles. It will be delivered to your home or office brewery fresh, free personalized gift announcement, their monthly club newsletter “Beer Expeditions”, and more.

Not only that they also have wine of the month club, where you can have a taste of their wine of the month. Which I found really interesting because I love wine and it’s good to always have a taste of different wine you know. You can sign-up to be a member of this website to get their wine of the month. The subscription is $29.95 per month, and plus shipping which is $9.00, but with this month fee what you get each month is great. You will get 2 different bottles of rare wine from small award winning wineries, delivered to your home or to you office fresh, free personalized gift announcement, and more.

And another is the cigar of the month club, oh if you are the kind of person that enjoy cigar is a great time for you. To get their cigar of the month, you have to join or let say to be a member to their website which is for $25.95 per month, and plus shipping for $5.00. Theirs different membership length that you can choose, and what payment term do you want. What you get each month are these, five different premium hand-rolled cigars from the foremost cigar producers around the world, same as above it will be deliver fresh to you, and more. To know more about this website and the product that they’re offering now. Simply click the link I have added above. Visit them now, this web site is perfect of any occassion, birthday party, wedding or any occasions.

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