Marang Is Good

This is the fruit that I like so much, back when I was still living in the Philippines. I eat marang fruit all the time, since the taste of it; is just delicious. I’m sure you can tell by the look on this picture.

I’m a big eater when it comes to this kind of fruit because it’s just yummyyy…My parents would just laugh at me because they know I can eat the whole marang without sharing it to anyone hehehhehe. But I have to share it to them you know, can’t eat without sharing hehehhe.

How I wish I could ifnd marang here in the US. I’ve been here for almost for years now and still haven’t see any marang fruit. Probably it only grow in my country? hahhahah or maybe I haven’t been to the right place hehehhehe. Anyway, that’s all for now, looking at this picture makes me want to have some marang hehehhehe..

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