Can You Really Eat….

…..the whole durian? Or can you even try to taste it? Hmmmm for some American I doubt it hehehhe. Durian is very famous in my country and people loves to it. Not all Filipino though some there’s some people who loves to eat durian.

In Davao there’s alot of durian that you can find. The taste and smells of this fruit is totally different. It’s smell kinda funny but the taste is just great. I started eating durian when I was 22, it was my first time to try it, since I can’t handle the smells of it.

Yeah I thought it was awful since it smell like someone just fart hehehhehe, well not even fart is more like that though. So one day I decided to try durian, since it’s fruit and my family always eat it. I bought one whole durian, open it, but before start eating. I pinched my nose just so I can’t smell it and taste it. However, while I was chewing it, I can still tell or sense the smells ehhehehe…. Anyway, after that I started eating durian, but I’m not addicted to it, since until now it’s just something for me hehehehhe. I still can’t stand with the smell, I let my fiance Dave and his son tried it, and there face was just funny. Alright that’s all for now….Thanks for visiting everyone….

One thought on “Can You Really Eat….

  1. This one, I haven't really tasted this just a durian candy, for me this one smells good also I do not feel dizzy of this when I smell this fruit hehehe. Nice pic Ann.

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