Survey From Earlier Today

I got this from friendster bulletin today and I thought it’s cool. So here’s my answers. And by the way I’m tagging Garf, Ritchelle, Ivy, Joy, Anne, Janine and Haze.

1. In two words, explain yesterday? same today……

2. Who made u smile today? my husband

3. What were u doing this morning at 8? apple and a bottle of coke.

4 . What were u doing 15 minutes ago? reading my email

5. Something that happened to u in 1985? I have no idea I was just 3 years old that time..

6. Last thing someone else said to you? You got mail (that’s from my aol) LOL

7. What was ur answer? I know it’s obvious hehehheheh.

8. Worst thing on NET: Spam emails from those people that are trying to get your money

9. Do you shave or wax? Of course I do. hehehhehehhe….

10 . How many different beverages have you drank today? hmmm I drink water & coke

11. What is ur favorite part of the day? Afternoon because that’s when the opps start to come out.

12 . Your current To-do list? Get more opps…and start my project back home.,,

13. Bad trip ka ba ngayon? Kinda because of one B****…But I’m alright now.

14. What color is ur toothbrush? White with a little bit ot green, so all in all green and white

15. What are u wearing right now? Longsleeve and short

16 . Any plans for Friday night? Nahhh just stay at home catch more opps

1 7. Least favorite place to shop. — Target

18 . Things u bought today? Today nothing really because I just stay home

19 . Last gift you received? A brand new red car…

20 . Who gave you that? Dave

21 . What made you sad today? Didn’t catch enough opps that’s why……

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