Time Is So Fast

I feel like I just woke-up awhile ago and now it’s already 1:31 pm hmmmm, I guess it’s time to cook for dinner again.. I really don’t know what to prepare tonight but I already took some chicken meat out from the refrigerator. I am thinking of making some chicken curry which my husband and step-son really likes. I made that about two weeks ago and they both like it. So I thought maybe it’s good to cooked like that again. Plus it’s not too much work so it’s kinda OK between blogging hehehehehhe. It’s multi tasking since I want to earn money too and at the same time make dinner for my family, better not forget that or else they’ll be mad at me for not feeding them ahhahahhaha.

So in about two hours I am going to start cooking for the dinner. Right now I’m working hard for the money ahhahahhaha. That’s what they called “She Works Hard For The Money” hehehhehe, that’s the title of the song which I love. I’ve listen to it I think 10 times now ahhahahhahaha. Glad I’m not getting tired of it though, well it’s a nice song and fun to listen with. Anyway, take care everyone and have fun cooking….

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