This Is Sure Funny

Two days ago I got email from PPP letting me know that the two blogs I submitted was rejected due to some requirements which I didn’t passed. Well I was shocked so i sent them an email asking why my bravejournal was rejected. Gosh I was so embarrassed but oh well I didn’t know and they didn’t know so we both don’t know nothing hahahhahahha. When I got the response today, it should that instead of saying I put it Oh my goodness can you believed that hahhahahah shame on me. I told my friend Garf and she just can’t stop laughing about it, because that was the funiest complaint ever hahahhahhaha. Good thing the ppp person didn’t tell me “Hey open your eyes wide and read it hehehehhehhe“. Gosh what a funny thing that happen to me. Until now I just can’t beleieved it, so today I re submit my blog and hoping to get the result soon wahhhhhh…….

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