You Tag Grabbed From Garf…

OK I was interested to answer this tag after I saw it from Garf. I thought it’s fun to have in my blog. So here’s my answer….

1: You
Were you a planned baby? I think I am, of course I am the first child hehehhe.

P art2: You Personality
Do you have low self esteem? Yes
Do you get depressed about things easily? Will it depends but mostly yeah.

Are you happy right now? Not this moment I’m mad…

Part 3: Appearance
Are you comfortable with the way you look? Of course I am hehehhehe..
Describe you hair? Long black Hair with.

Part 4: Random
Do you have a license? yeah Driver’s License what else
Ever been kicked out of a bar? No because I don’t go to the bar

Part 5: The Outdoors
Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? I prefer both how about that?
Do you walking in the rain? Yes I do…
Do you like thunderstorms? Hmmmm no I don’t..

Part6: Food
Are you a vegetarian? nope, can’t handle without meat hehehehhe.
Anything you absolutely could eat forever? anything as long as it taste good and not a poisonous

What is your favorite dessert? brownie

Part 7: Relationships And Love
Do you want to get married? I am going too.
Have you evern been in love? Yes I did
Are you in a relationship now? Yes I am

Those are my answers friends. Feel free to grabbed this tag.. Have a great Sunday everyone…

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