I Was Once In The Top Earners

Yesterday I was so happy to see my self for awhile as a top earners on PPP. It did last long thought but atleast I saw my self there for awhile hehehehhe. Won’t you be happy too if that was you ehheheh. Of course you will, yeah I was just happy since I did not expect to like that. But I am glad I was though, atleast my face could have something for a moment hahahhaha. I’ve seen so many of my friends that are always on the top earners and it makes me happy. Because I know they deserved to be there after all the hard work they’ve been doing. I am sure some of you knew who I’m talking too, but yeah that’s what I always love to see a pinay on the top earners. Hhehhehehe that’s a wonderful feeling huh. Anyway, that’s all for now I thought I would share my short joy in life hehehheheh.

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