It’s 1:01 Pm But It Feels….

Like it’s 6 already, I don’t know why but It sure does feel like it. Today I feel different cause I feel cold even though I have my jacket on already. Hmmmm sick probably gosh I hope now. I don’t like being sick, I like to be active all the time you know hehehhehe. Anyway, as usual I’m all alone again because hubby and john went to work. And I choose to be home since I can relax if I want to. Or I can watch tv or in a computer whenever I want.

I was in the shop couple days ago and didn’t stay long Because I have to go home and go to sleep. Yeah I was awake all night and didn’t have sleep at all. So Dave told me that maybe he should take me home so I can relax properly hehehhe. Isn’t that sweet huh? Anyway, that’s all for now and I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon.

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