I found this site while I was surfing on the Internet for a different way to earned money. has been less than one month and they have huge potential for everybody. There goal of storymash is allow the Internet to collaborate and get paid while creating a most entertaining stories as possible. I found this very interested because I love writing stories. It’s fun doing collaborative writing when it comes on stories. This is web site “The Future of Collaborative Fiction” and it sure happening now. You can joined here by simply reading, rating and providing feedback, or adding new, and something competing chapters to existing chapters. If you are a kind of person that loves to make a story, well then this web site is sure perfect for you.

Storymash was created because it was a service that they wanted to use. They want a web site where is new and experience authors could come together to create short-stories, novels, screenplays, and new forms yet to be names. This is an environment for collaboration, constructive criticism and a place for you to experiment and discover different writing style. What is good about this is that all authors will get paid over 50% of all revenue, based on the ranking success of each of their chapters. All authors will retain their copyright and are free to use their work elsewhere. To get started on Storymash simply visit there web site now, by clicking the link I have provided above. Right they have contest going to pay out the top three chapters on December 20, 2007, the total payout is over $500. . So what are you waiting for start your storymash now and join the crowd. collaborative writing

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