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Have you ever think on taking a combat raining? Well I did, because I think it’s a great self defense in time of trouble, especially now a days. I know there’s a lot of people men, and women. I found a web site that is dedicated on combat training. I found this while I was surfing while there’s nothing to do in the house. Close Combat Training is a division of The Close Combat Company, the World Leader In Self Defense. There mission is to spread the truth about martial arts and self defense, to debunk the many myths that have spread over the last few decades about martial arts and self defense, and to restore the martial arts and self defense industry to it’s former position of respect in the community.

Now a days not only men and women wants to have martial arts training so are some of the few kids. Because of the inspiration they have from the decades people that make the martial arts famous. Captain Chris Pizzo has dedicated hi life to not only spreading the truth about martial arts and self defense, but also teaching the very sample simplistic and easy to learn. This is the answer he discovered after nearly being stabbed to death during a road rage attack. Isn’t that sound very scary? If this time happens and you know self defense the enemy can’t attack you at all. You will learn The Truth About Martial Arts, and more. What a way to go, this is really nice and even me I would really like to take a training. This company is an award winning of Close Combat Training. To know more about Captain Chris’ Close Combat, please visit them now by simply clicking the link I have add above.

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