Weather Here In Texas….

It’s so beautiful in here, feels like it’s still summer. Since it doesn’t get really cold in the daylight, which I like. There are night that it was cold somewhere 40 deg. But during day light it’s always 80 deg. isn’t that nice. I can still wear my summer clothing, sometimes when I get kinda cold I wear some of my light sweater. People here where I lived don’t wear sweater unless it’s really needed. I remember when I first I arrived here, I have a sweater on. Because when I left in Michigan it was cold you know, and you know what people did here in Texas? They we’re starring at me like they never saw a human wears sweater hahahahha. I was just laughing and give them this look that they can’t guess why ahahhaha. Anyway, so far so good in here, I love the weather and hopefully it will stay like this hehehehhe. That’s all for now, thanks for visiting my blog often, I really appreciate it so much.

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