Thank God Finally I Got One Opps

I am so happy that finally I got opps today from smorty. I thought I’ll be zero from smorty today, but luckily I just catch one awhile ago and put a smile into my face. I don’t have anything do right now, other than refreshing my smorty window, to see if there’s more opps for me hehehhe. I love making entry and I am so addicted to this now. I sometimes don’t have to do other things hahahhaha.

Anyway, included a picture of me here that was taken yesterday during my spare time. Since I was a little bored doing nothing, I decided to do some picture taking for my self. Which I usually do when the mood strike, and yesterday the mood for picture taking is so good so I took plenty picture and even video that I am thinking to put on my other blog soon. Yeah it some silly video of my singing hahahhaha. Alright friends that’s all for tonight, enjoy the rest of the night while I’m enjoying mine too catching the oppss…..

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