It’s Award Time Everyone

It’s time to give award…….2007 blog nominee? hehehheheh… in true huh……Well I think it’s true and I know it always makes us happy each time we received an award from our online friends. I would like to give this two awards to the following…… Garf, Darlene, Ivy, Haze, Daff, Noel, Teebob, Anne, Angie, Angel, Brownie, Chikai, Janine, Joy, Ritchelle, Bonbon, Coco, Kookie, Lolli, Gen-Gen, Norm, and Racquel….. Please grab this awards now people….Hope you like them…It’s simple but I comes from my heart :)….

8 thoughts on “It’s Award Time Everyone

  1. hello anna salamat pod sa pag recognize nimo sa amo topad pa gyud me sa ako manghud c noel, pareho me sunog karun ug na a sunburn kay bag o lang me na human ug spray sa mango farm sa amo parentssalamat ka ayo and god bless have a nice day and keep safe

  2. wow! sexy and beautiful award…hehehe thank you so much ani dae Anna…feeling sweet teen-ager ta ani karon…salamat ha…tranfer na nako ni karon…God bless…

  3. halo dae anna pagka kyut sa awards ba hehhehekaron lang kalugar ug bali dire na busy ang lubot nako 🙂tenkyo diay kay naapil ko ug hatag sa award.Diay kanang imong siggy sa kilid wala man lagi na nag kipat kipat, ayaw e save ug jpg kay madaot ang image e save na as gif 🙂

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