Seductive, Sexy, Serious What Is It?????

I was checking all the files I have on my computer and found some couple pictures of me that I really like. I know that you all know how addicted I am when it comes on taking pictures. I’ve been taking pictures since when I was living in the Philippines. The camera is always in my bag wherever I go, well except on taking shower and other things hahahahhaha.

Anyway since my honey Dave gave me this camera that I’ve been dreaming to have. I have been taking pictures of my self. To see how far I can go when it comes to posing. Actually this kind of pictures are all new to me. Since before I always jeans on and no sexy pose, well I was still teenager that time I guess hehehhe.

One person that inspired me more on this new pose I have. Is the daughter of my friend, she can pose just like a model. So what I did is I explore how far I can go with my pose. I love pictures and I want to look good on my pictures all the time. I tried different angle on taking pictures to see how good is the result. I remember one of my friend told me that, when you take a pictures. You have to do kinda art or pose, not just standing straight.
He used to take a pictures of me, as he sample since he was talking a photography class, this was back when I used to lived in Michigan. He influence me about this this pictures hobby. Ever since I’ve been trying to be a nice photographer for my self. It’s always nice to have some nice photo that we can look back one when we get old you know. It’s like pictures for me is my other diary on my daily journey being a woman. I thank my honey Dave for giving me this great camera. Because I love it so much and I am having fun using it.

If I count the pictures I have right now, it’s probably a lot already. Sometimes I took 100 pictures a day, but as of right now with my busy schedule I hardly have time taking pictures. I can only take pictures once if we go somewhere. It’s not like what I used to do back when I was in Michigan I don’t have time for it yet. Maybe one day I will and I will be happy to share it.

My parents has been telling me that I have a bunch of pictures back home that needs to be put in the Album since they’re out of photo album already. I used to send them pictures twice every one month. And it gaves laugh to me cause my mom will always tell me that “She doens’t have enough album to hold the pictures I sent to them”…

It’s been awhile since the last time I sent them pictures though. So that’s why tonight I was looking on all of my pictures to print to send to them. To give them update about my life in there. Well they all knew what’s going on with my life, but it’s always nice to send them pictures too so they’ll have Image of me to look when they miss me.

But anyway back to this pictures I have in here. All of this are taking inside my apartment back when I was in Michigan. I didn’t have anything to do during my day off. So taking pictures is the fun I do. This is how I look back when I was single and not taken hahahhahahha. How much more that I’m getting married hahahhaha lol, I’m just joking just want to give a smile on your face. Anyway that’s all I can share right now.. You all take care everyone good night and have a great weekend to all of you.

3 thoughts on “Seductive, Sexy, Serious What Is It?????

  1. what can I say! you’ve got it alland you must not hide it coz you’ve got what it takes to be a super model.go flaunt it, coz you look goodhave a good day

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