Another Tag From My Lovely Friend Garf… “Santa”

Santa Sentences

Here is something to keep you amused. Comeplete this sentences. Please tag and pass it on for someone to do. Please link here for the template. You don’t mind, do you? Ho! Ho! Ho!

Get the Santa tag from this link Everyday Should Be Christmas and finish the sentences

You can use single words or phrases:

01] I want to see Santa.
02] Santa is nice.
03] If I were in a room with Santa, I would _sit on his lap and take a picture of us.
04] I think Santa should _give poor kids lotta toys.
05] Santa needs _to meet me.
06] I want to hug Santa.
07] Someday Santa will pass by our house and leave me some toys___.
08] Santa reminds me of _my childhood.
09] Without Santa _kids won’t be happy.
10] My memories of Santa are _fair.
11] Santa can be _a good father.
12] The worst thing about Santa is never came to see me.
13] The best thing about Santa is give lotta toys
14] I am excited with Santa.
15] One thing I would like to know about Santa is really exist?
16] Santa should go and make children happy.
17] Santa should pass this tag after me.

Alright here it is Garf.. Everyone your arell welcome to do this tag……

One thought on “Another Tag From My Lovely Friend Garf… “Santa”

  1. wow wow!! congratulations… wow i am so very happy for you at last kaslon naka puhon.. u deserve it to be happy and all your dreams come true. i wish and pray for u that everything is work out and more blessings come to you and your married life soon. hmmm i know excited naka.. i can relate how u feel. ako sab super excited na jud as in… let me thank you for being always there for me. i really appreciate you.. ingatz you and God bless have a nice day!!!

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