Just Want To Share Some Pictures!

Yesterday I’m in the mood of taking some pictures of my self (I love my own huh). Yeah yeah pictures are so my favorite, whenever I go the camera is always with me. Anyway just for fun my bf took some pictures of me because he knew I love taking pictures hehehhehe. So when we got home yesterday from here mom’s house. He asked me if I wanted to have some pictures taken in the yard. Well I didn’t say no of course, because I love pictures hehehehhe. So then he took some nice pictures and It was really fun. We didn’t do much yesterday other than visiting his mom and take lunch together.

Today is pretty good at work, and guess what It’s my day off tomorrow. Well it’s because there’s no truck coming tomorrow and I don’t have anything to do. Our manager told our team that we can take day off so I was happy when I heard about it. I’m taking two days off because on the 16th it’s my Immigration appointment. I can’t miss that day, because it’s very important to me hehehhehe. That’s all I can share for now hehehehhe.

8 thoughts on “Just Want To Share Some Pictures!

  1. WOW kahayahay sa DONYA KIKAY… Naga model permi… Ka nindut ba sa mga posing oi, love that dress too, nindut sab basta wa pa anak kay always makapicture. Imo sab lalabs gana kaayo mo picture.Ako kay kapuliki ko lagas permi sa akong mga sagoy, saputon man usahay, di ganahan pa picture…. Waaaaah, kataw-an ko sa akong bana kay tagbaw ko ilis nila di diay sila sugot pa pics…TC ANn and have a great week, enjoy diay ka ani ugma…

  2. Hi Anna!great idea with photo. You are very photogenic,camera loves you!Very beautiful. Good luck with Immigration appointment.Peace and Love be with you!

  3. lovely dress An, bagay kaau nimo. murag model. anyway, thanks for the mother’s day greetings ha. i appreciate it. have a great week!

  4. hi ann…pagkanindot ba sa bangs oi…angayan kaau ka…nice new look! and btw, thanks for the visit and the greetings!!! bago pa mi abot murag lipong pko,hehehe!

  5. Lovely Anna, Lovely Smile !!! Ka ilove your outfit fashionista kaayo. musta na ka dra? good luck sa imong immigration appointment! May the Lord God bless you . Ingat and have a safe day always

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