It’s Monday Again!!!!

Hi everyone the week is here again and it’s time for work. I’m so tired and exhausted I think it’s because it’s Monday. Last night I had to do some work for my ebay so I didn’t have a chance to make more updates for my blog. Ebay is my other daily job which I love so much and everyday Sunday I always do auction because as what they say it’s a good day to run auctions. And today is just another lazy day for me. I went to work and I just felt to tired I don’t know why but I just felt like going home and just relax hehehhehe. Good thing no one was giving me a hard time hehehhehe. I had 10 carts full of clothing most of the clothing though I knew already so I didn’t have hard time sorting them.

I finished my work almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. So I went home right away to take rest and take pictures for my eBay items. I was gonna do laundry but I decided to do it tomorrow. I guess it’s a lazy day today especially with the cold weather we have here. Oh my it’s just so nice to just go to sleep or watch tv and eat hehehhehe.

So what did you do all during Easter? Me and my bf we went to visit his mom and spent our Easter with her. It was very nice and we had a very delicious dinner. I always love visiting her because she’s so nice and she’s a very sweet lady. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s cold her again hehehehhehe.

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again!!!!

  1. Hi dai Anna,oiissst thanks sa visit ha.Hmm,akoang easter day spent with my inlaws,play card games and eating colored eggs lol!those eggs were so cute.cute tan awon kapag nagka kolor na cia.ka hard working nimo day,naa pod diay ka job sa ebay?wow cool,thats nice dai Anna..

  2. ahhh and2 ka lang pala kung saan saan kita hinahanap kaso d kita matagpuan and2 ka lang pala wala na kasi yung datio mong blog. ausin koh ulit links koh para malagay kita ulit!

  3. Hi Dai Gen… Your welcome dai hehehhehe. That’s nice you have nice easter. Lagi they look really pretty pag naa kulay hehehhehe. Oo work sab ko sa ebay heheheh king kamot io. Ladymitch…. Hi there, i tagged you before but maybe i put the wrong link hehehhe sorry and thanks for updating your list for me…

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