Homemade Salsa

Few years ago one of my friend on Facebook posted this homemade salsa that they did.  I sent them message to ask for the recipe because I wanted to make it myself as well.  Her mom emailed the copy of the recipe and I made it.  The first batch I was able to canned about 9 jars of the homemade salsa.  You can double this recipe if you want, it’s all depends on how many jars do you want to make.  I didn’t make much since I didn’t really have time to be canning all day.

All my tomatoes I got them from Flea Market, I paid $10 for one of Roma tomatoes.  Using Roma tomatoes on this recipe is so much better it works great really.  However, you are welcome to use any tomatoes you want to use for this recipe.  For me this recipe is very easy to make, and the end result is delicious.  My testers told me last night that this homemade salsa is the best. Read more