Dinner At Johnny Rockets

Dinner At Johnny Rockets was the best, the burgers were delicious and we’re all satisfied with our food. When my husband and I took our kids to Gatlinburg we didn’t really know where to eat. We asked the kids what are they in the mood for, my step-daughter said burgers and so is our 3 years old daughter. My husband told us about Johnny Rockets and how delicious their burgers.

So we decided to have dinner at johnny rockets since it was closer to our lodge. Because there was no parking space near the restaurant we parked at the first parking lot we found. We paid about $10 to park our car which is not a bad deal since we planned on walking after we ate dinner.

When we got to the restaurant the waitress greeted us really nice and right away took us to our table. For our starter, we ordered the bacon cheese fries. Oh my goodness, these fries didn’t last long on the plate at all. It was so delicious, the bacon added so much flavor to the cheese. The fries weren’t salty at all, and it was just perfect.

Then the waitress came back to our table and asked how we like the fries we all told her it was A plus. She was pretty happy to see that our plate was cleaned. Then we proceed on ordering our burgers, there was so much to choose from the menu. However, we asked the waitress what she can recommend to us. Although, she told me her favorite I decided to order something else, with that being said I just want to have a different variety on our table so we can compare the taste.

My step-daughter ordered the smoked house burger, this burger was delicious and it was so juicy and moist inside. It’s layered with onions rings, bacon and cheese. These three combinations of flavors definitely compliment each other. The bread was really good as well, the fries are our favorite too. It was seasoned just perfect and wasn’t saggy.

Our daughter Charley ordered two mini burgers with fries. Yes, she is our big eater, my husband and I was very surprised that she was able to eat her burgers and fries. She didn’t eat all of it, however, she pretty much empties her plate. These burgers were very juicy as well and were just so yummy.

For my husband, he decided to order the salad, because we won’t be able to eat all the food that we ordered. Yes, he knows us very well, each time we go out to eat he always order small portion because he got us figure out already. To be honest he end-up eating half of the burger that my step-daughter ordered, then half of mine.

My burger was so so so delicious, oh my gosh I was stuffed eating the burger. The reason we got full too quickly is that of our starter. The rocket single burger is full of flavor, it was juicy and came layered with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

For our dessert, we ordered their famous shake., this shake is delicious and addictive. Our kids really enjoyed the shake, the combination of chocolate and strawberry was just fantastic. The experienced we had at Johnny Rocket’s, was phenomenal the service was quick and the staff was very friendly. We definitely going find Johnny Rockets near us.