Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad is what I used to eat all the time back when I was living in the Philippines. My dad loves eating cucumber and he always makes it with tomatoes, onions and some pepper flakes. Sometimes he even uses the hot chili, yes I was raised eating spicy food. I came from a big family who loves to eat and cook. Although, my parent’s life wasn’t easy we are thankful that they raise us all right.

Cucumber salad is very easy to make and perfect to have for lunch or dinner. My husband loves cucumber salad the way I make it. I prepare this about 4 times a week to go along with chicken, fish, or just for snacks. The first time I made cucumber salad was a few weeks ago. And to my surprised my husband ate it all, I didn’t really think he will eat it.

Ever since then I always remember to prepare this kind of salad. My husband and kids don’t like kimchi as much as I do. However, they are willing to eat cucumber salad, which is not bad really. It means more kimchi for me, anyway, this cucumber salad is delicious and doesn’t acquire too many ingredients. Read more