Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

It’s not hard to find a Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe online, there are so many varieties on how to make chicken soup.  My husband and the kids have been feeling blah lately, I guess it’s because of the cold weather.  So I decided to make them a chicken soup noodle but I added few ingredients on this recipe. I also used a different kind of noodle which I believed from Aldi store.  I wish I would have remembered where I bought the noodles because it was a perfect noodle to use.

Chicken soup is one of our favorites to have around the house especially on cold season.  For some reason when it’s cold outside chicken soup or any soup seems to feel us very comfortable. This chicken noodle soup recipe I made wasn’t planned at all, I just put them together and wasn’t really sure how it’s going to taste. However, I was very surprised once it was all finished, the flavor was just amazing.  With the cabbage and tomato added it was just delicious.

This chicken noodle soup recipe is definitely something that I am gonna keep making. On this recipe I used chicken breast only, however, you are welcome to use thighs or legs.  Soup is very comforting especially when you are sick, and the easiest to make it the chicken noodle soup.  My husband and kids each time they don’t feel the best, they always request chicken noodle soup. Anyway, let’s get this recipe started, don’t forget to subscribe my blog for more upcoming recipes. Read more