Mommy Home Cook Meals

Today I am sharing your these Mommy Home Cook Meals. As you all know I like preparing healthy food for me and husband. Sometimes I have to cooked fried food for our kids as their request. Especially if they are tired of eating vegetables. I am sharing you today these four simple recipes that are delicious and easy to make. Since we like eating deer meat we try to keep deer meat in our freezer all the time. This year we have enough deer meat that will last us until the next deer season.

My blackbean chicken is very easy to make and delicious. I first tasted a blackbean chicken at our Vietnamese friend house. Her mother taught me how to make it and shared me the ingredients. My husband loves eating blackbean chicken, although I don’t make it all the time. However, when he wants to eat a different meal, I always make him the blackbean chicken. The sauce I made it at home, I just bought the ingredients for the sauce and processed it at home. Although you can buy ready to use blackbean sauce at Asian store, however it’s always nice to make your own. That way you know what’s in the blackbean sauce.

On the friend chicken legs, I use the wheat flour, added some salt and pepper to taste. I didn’t do much on the fried chicken legs, since our daughter doesn’t like much flavor. I scrambled two eggs to use for dipping and then the flour to cover the chicken. The broccoli is very easy because all I did to it was sauteed with some greens. Of course I used onions, garlic and ginger to give it a really good taste.



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