If you are like me who loves cooking then you will enjoy this recipe.  I know a lot of us loves eating at the restaurant, however, to avoid spending so much money at the restaurant.  You can actually cook your favorite food at your house.  All you need is finding the right ingredients that are easy to follow.  Today I am sharing you this Beef Beijing recipe that my Facebook friend One Love One Kitchen made.   Looking at this picture just made me hungry.  Beef Beijing is very popular and very easy to make as well.

This is a very tasty and definitely a crowd pleaser.  Beef Beijing is not hard to put together,  it’s full of flavor. Thanks to One Love One Kitchen for giving me an opportunity to share this recipe here in my blog. Also if you can’t eat beef I am sure can substitute it with Chicken.  If you are vegetarian you can also use tofu on this and still get a delicious meal.

You can eat this with rice, the sauce will put the flavor on your rice. You can find Beef Beijing at some buffet, some are made different.  I hope that you enjoy this recipe, and let me know what you think about it.

The photo and recipe information are from One Love One Kitchen. Read more