Here Some Fun Pictures of Me Taken Today!!!

I was taking advantage of the beautiful day we had this afternoon. My bf took this pictures of mine like around 6 when it’s a little dark outside. It was very funny because I was only wearing my blouse no pants at all. As what he said the blouse looks like a small dress to me. Hehhehe oh well yeah it true but it’s embarrassing if I took pictures outside with the blouse only. I was worried that our neighbour will see us hehhehehe.

To make the story short the pictures was successfully take even though there are some people slowing down and watching us hehehhehe. Maybe wondering what kind of dress am I wearing hehehhe. I decided to combined all of them since it’s all me any way hehhhehe.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

How’s everyone doing? For me here I am doing well and wonderful. The weather here in Michigan is sure lovely. I can now since the spring hehehhehehe. I won’t say much because I noticed each time I nice thing with the weather at night there’s always snow. So I better close my mind saying about the weather. It’s very lovely here today and at work it was fine. I finished all my sorting without problem or complication ehhehehhe.

I feel exhuasted though since I did some worked last night too for my ebay. But I managed to finished everything at work thoug then come home and relax. Today is very relaxing day for not much things to worry about. Thanks everyone for visiting again.

Tag From Dauph!!!!

My blogger friend Dauph has tagged me. I’m always happy each time I got tag. I’ve been doing blog since 2004 if I remember it correctly. I was using bravenet before the blogger so from no one this this will be my last move. I love blogging and here’s the reason why:

  • Blogging to me is exchanging ideas from other people you’ve known or from strangers that often do blog hopping.
  • I share many things about happy moments and I can always express my feelings and get ideas from other people.
  • It’s the other way to let my family about my daily life here in United since I’m miles of miles away from them. I often invite them so they can read my blog.
  • I meet new friends through blog which I enjoy so much.
  • It become my hobby to always be in my blog. No matter if I’m busy I always spent a minutes visiting my blog and doing some update if I could.
  • It comforts me in times i feel lonely and when I missed my family back home. By talking to my fellow bloggers online it really makes my day happy all the time.
  • I can communicate to my old friends and long lost classmates of mine.
  • It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy every minute of it.
  • I learned so much about life of others.

Now it’s my turn to tag. I’m tagging this to the following:

Anne, Angie, Bonbon, Brownie, Chikai, Chocolate, Coco, Daff, Genalyn, Hazel, Irel, Ivy, Janine, Lutchi, LadyNred, Lily, Lolli, Loloy, Mila, Mitch, Racquel, Ylan, and for thos whoever wants to do this tag are all welcome.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Happy Saturday everyone, I didn’t much today well not as I can think off. I got-up late this morning about 10:30. Which I always do because it’s weekend and no work to worries hehehehhe. It’s the only day that I can have a long sleep. As soon as I got-up from the bed, I turn on the computer and wait till it’s done and check my blog right away. Hmmm that’s my first priority in the morning hehehehhe. I was so happy to see the my blog is fine and that I can read it now. Last night I was having problem with it and so I didn’t have a chance to read what left into my tag and comments.

Anyway, this morning I just felt to tired and hungry. So I had some auctiva for my breakfast ehhehehehhe. At noon me and my bf went out to do some of our groceries. Before we did our groceries we went to staples to buy some ink for the photo smart we have. While bf is looking for ink I was looking for some camera’s. I have no plan on buying another camera but I just enjoy watching them. We didn’t get any of the ink because it was expensive and it wasn’t the price we always pay.

So we browse more inside the staples store and went to notebook computer department. I been wanting to buy notebook computer but it’s still expensive and I can’t afford with the prices heheheheh, oh well as you know I have to win the lotterty first hehehehhe, just kidding. I saw some nice notebook that I like and I am waiting till the price wil go one more then I will buy ehhehehe. I wish soon I’ll have my own notebook though ehehhehehe.

Well anyway, today was a beautiful day. It’s cold but no more snow, which is nice. Oh I wish there will be no more snow. Oh I can’t think of anything to say, so i guess this is all for now.

The Woman That Made My New Home Looks Beautiful!!!

Everyone I just want to talk Ivy who makes my new home looks so beautiful. Without her help I don’t know think my house will look like this at all. I’m so proud of you Ivy, you are a very talented woman and I salute you for that. Each time something happen to my blog I always asked Ivy about it because I have no idea what’s going on hehehhehe. As you all know I don’t have enough brain when it comes to blogging desgined hehehehhe. So I’m so thankful for Ivy with all your help dai Ivy and I so loving this new home of mine. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent making my new home. Thank you thank you so much girl.

It’s My Day Off Tomorrow!!!

Yeah finally I got my first day off since the day I first worked at Jcpenny. I’m so happy that I can have this one day off. I know some of my co-workers doesn’t like it but hey I need to have some day off sometimes. At work today I felt lazy and I was tired. I just keep saying to one of my co-workers that I’m tired. I had quite many clothing today but it was easy because I knew them all already. So just working and taking my time till I finished. The most exciting time at work is during breaktime. Well it because I can relax and eat and have some talk with my co-workers which I like so much because they’re so much fun to talk.

I know they’ll miss me tomorrow because each breaktime we all go together and wait each other hehehhehehe. Oh what a fun. Anyway today here in Michigan wasn’t snowing at all which very nice but it was raining, and windy. It was a little bit cold but not as much as yesterday with the blizzard. Oh that was terrible but thank God it’s gone already. I sure don’t like snow that much anymore, it’s scares me. I want warm weather now hehehhe I had enough cold hehehhehe.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and reading my post here.

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