The Woman That Made My New Home Looks Beautiful!!!

Everyone I just want to talk Ivy who makes my new home looks so beautiful. Without her help I don’t know think my house will look like this at all. I’m so proud of you Ivy, you are a very talented woman and I salute you for that. Each time something happen to my blog I always asked Ivy about it because I have no idea what’s going on hehehhehe. As you all know I don’t have enough brain when it comes to blogging desgined hehehehhe. So I’m so thankful for Ivy with all your help dai Ivy and I so loving this new home of mine. I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent making my new home. Thank you thank you so much girl.

It’s My Day Off Tomorrow!!!

Yeah finally I got my first day off since the day I first worked at Jcpenny. I’m so happy that I can have this one day off. I know some of my co-workers doesn’t like it but hey I need to have some day off sometimes. At work today I felt lazy and I was tired. I just keep saying to one of my co-workers that I’m tired. I had quite many clothing today but it was easy because I knew them all already. So just working and taking my time till I finished. The most exciting time at work is during breaktime. Well it because I can relax and eat and have some talk with my co-workers which I like so much because they’re so much fun to talk.

I know they’ll miss me tomorrow because each breaktime we all go together and wait each other hehehhehehe. Oh what a fun. Anyway today here in Michigan wasn’t snowing at all which very nice but it was raining, and windy. It was a little bit cold but not as much as yesterday with the blizzard. Oh that was terrible but thank God it’s gone already. I sure don’t like snow that much anymore, it’s scares me. I want warm weather now hehehhe I had enough cold hehehhehe.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and reading my post here.

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My New Look??? Hehehhehe

Hello everyone as you know spring is coming up pretty soon. I decided to make some changes into my look hehehehhe. Changes huh, well today after I finished my work. I stop by at JcPenny salon to have some hair cut. Not short but just a little cut for my hair for changes hehehhe. I’ve been wanting to do this and I wasn’t sure if I would look. So here it’s i’m sharing you my new look for this 2007 spring hehehhehe. What a word huh, but I am loving it though so I am happy I did it.

I was in a good mood to cut my hair, I usually don’t cut my hair for about 5 months but this time I cut it for my new look…

It’s Monday Again!!!!

Hi everyone the week is here again and it’s time for work. I’m so tired and exhausted I think it’s because it’s Monday. Last night I had to do some work for my ebay so I didn’t have a chance to make more updates for my blog. Ebay is my other daily job which I love so much and everyday Sunday I always do auction because as what they say it’s a good day to run auctions. And today is just another lazy day for me. I went to work and I just felt to tired I don’t know why but I just felt like going home and just relax hehehhehe. Good thing no one was giving me a hard time hehehhehe. I had 10 carts full of clothing most of the clothing though I knew already so I didn’t have hard time sorting them.

I finished my work almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. So I went home right away to take rest and take pictures for my eBay items. I was gonna do laundry but I decided to do it tomorrow. I guess it’s a lazy day today especially with the cold weather we have here. Oh my it’s just so nice to just go to sleep or watch tv and eat hehehhehe.

So what did you do all during Easter? Me and my bf we went to visit his mom and spent our Easter with her. It was very nice and we had a very delicious dinner. I always love visiting her because she’s so nice and she’s a very sweet lady. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s cold her again hehehehhehe.

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