Yeah I Won The Filipino Blog of the Week 54

This picture designed was made by Haze.

I didn’t really think I’ll win the blog this week. But I was so surprised to get a phone call from one of my bisdak friends which is Rolly as (Loloy). I wasn’t home whole day today so I didn’t have any idea at all what’s going on. After me and my bf got home he checked the answering machine and there’s a message. I didn’t know who it is, after we listen and it was my dear friend Rolly. He called me to congratulates me of being the Filipino blog of the week and also the Hall of Fame hehehehhe.

So I checked my blog right away and there it is a message from talksmart telling me I won and was (Elevated to the grandest Hall of Fame through fast track). To all of you who voted for me, thank you thank you so much for all your support. I appreciate all your time and effort that you spent voting for me. I finally won and hopefully this week my other co-bisdak will win too.

Now I’m asking for your support again, to vote for sweet-pinay and kc8265 click here to vote. Thank you in advance for your vote.

Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail!!!

I was so shocked when I heard on the News that Paris Hilton will be jailed for 45 days for violating terms of her probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction. I think this is a great lesson to everyone. Even if you have lots of money, once you violated the law you can go to jail. Paris is so lucky that she belong to a wealthy family but she didn’t handle it well. I think she took advantage on what she had. Not thinking that there so many people out there who are struggling with there life.
This coming June Paris Hilton will on jail, no cellphone and will be sleeping on same bed as others. No special treatment at all which good because it’s a wonderful lesson for her that she needs to realized. As what the judge says “Anyone who would have conducted themselves in a way that resulted in this set of fact, we would have made the same recommendation of 45 days in county jail, regardless of whether they were a celebrity or not”. This is wonderful statement and I think everyone should be punished once they violate the law.
Well the money of Paris Hilton didn’t save her at all. I’m sure some of her fans are really sad. But she needs to have some lesson and this is the best way to do hehehehhe. Next time don’t drive while drunk and with no drivers’ license and remember to always turn your head light on while driving at night.
Well that’s all I want to share to all of you. I hope you enjoy reading it hehehehhe.

Happy Weekend To Everyone!!!

Thanks God it’s Friday, it’s a beautiful day today here in Michigan. The sun is shinning and the blossoms looks so beautiful, I can hear the birds singing enjoying the beautiful warm weather. This week I’ve been so lazy with my work. There’s not much to do though but still my whole body just seems tired all the time. The other day I almost (almost) call off for work. It’s because I wasn’t feeling’ well, and all I was thinking to just stay in bed and sleep more. But at this time I can’t afford to call off from work hehehehhe. I need money hehehhehehe, I wish one day I’ll win the Lottery you know.
Anyway I would like to share this picture I took the other day, it’s just for fun and just enjoying this new hobby I found hehehehhe.

Nothing is beautiful than to showing a smile among this beautiful blossoms surround me hehehehhe. Oh yeah I like this pink blossoms, it’s my favorite color too. Well not just the pink but I also like the blue so I have alot of colors hehehehhe.

I’m so addicted when it comes to taking pictures. Wherever I go I always bring the camera just encase I’ll see something beautiful. That’s my hobby, and editing pictures is my most favorite of all. It’s fun to do something fun with our pictures and I do that to my pictures all the time and I think you know what I’m talking about hehehehhe. It’s a secret everyone hhahahhaha.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. And thank you for always visiting here in my blog. I appreciate all your time you spent here in my blog. More update soon.

Two Men Was Sent Home Last Night!!!

Last night was very exciting for me, because I know that two men’s are going home after they have performances Tuesday night. Chris Richardson is a very good looking and has a unique style of his singing. However, his not as good as the others, in my opinion. Still his lucky because of all the support he got from his fans. I know they try all they can to make him stay in the contest. But there’s always one person that need to be sent home to have an American Idol winner.

Chris has been in the bottom 3 since the passed week. And last night was the last, I was really happy when Ryan said that Chris your going home. Well some fans aren’t happy though, but Chris weren’t doing much to make him stay longer so I guess that’s why, and also maybe not all of his fans vote. He was sent but still he have a big career waiting for him. His with the top ten and soon they’re going into tour, which is really wonderful.

Phil is my less favorite among the top 12 contestant, I don’t know why but that just what I feel. But he has a very nice voice, he sing better this passed few weeks which I like but I think it was too late to convinced the fans that he could be the next American Idol. However his in the top 10 and there’s more coming and his singing career just started. I know last night that he already knew his going home. Because he knew how the other contestant was singing.
Phil is a very nice man and has a nice personality and I remember when he went for audition for American Idol how he missed the birth of his baby. Missing that moment was great too because he got a ticket going to Hollywood and now everything was paid off. Hehheheh it doesn’t mean the missing your wife labor or child birth is a good, but for Phil it was worth to missed the birth of his baby.
Who knows he will soon become a famous singer, just like others.
So that’s what the result of American Idol last night. And more update about American Idol next week. Thanks again for visiting here in my blog.

Simon Kisses Lakisha Yeahhhhh

Yup that’s right Simon gave a kiss to Lakisha Jones after she performed the song of Bon Jovi called “This Aint A Love Song”. When she sung this song it was excellent, the way she sung it was awesome. She put passion while singing the song. All judges like her performances and so do I heheheheh (well i’m not a judge though) hehehhehe but then I can feel the song the way she sing it. Oh it was beautiful and I was so happy when Simon Cowell kiss Lakisha Jones. It was very nice and everyone was just happy for it hehehhe. Watching American Idol is always exciting because we don’t know what’s gonna happen.
Tonight two people will be sent home since last week they didn’t sent home any contest because it was the American Idol Gives Back. Hmmm wonder whose going home. All of them are great singers, but I want Phil and Chris to go home. They’re not that good as the others, but all is depend on the voting. Who know there fans vote multiple times last night. So all the results will be announce tonight.

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