Happy Mother’s Day!!!

The other night I talked to my parents, because I miss them so much and sometimes I felt like crying just by thinking about them and thinking what we do when I was still there in the Philippines. Two nights ago when I called them I told them that my bf sent them some money for the mother’s day, so they can go out for dinner. My mom was so happy and she was surprised. The money is not only for my mom but also for my sister because she’s also a mom.

I love my mom so much and I’m so proud to have her as my mom. She’s very supportive in so many ways. Very understanding mom and fun to be with. She’s always worried about me, my sis and my brother. I remember when she knew that I’ll be moving here in the United States. She got so worried about me because I didn’t know anybody when I moved here in America.

But I keep telling here everything is going to be alright that I am big enough to manage my self. I know she loves me and she wants the best for me and I’m so happy for that. I remember before we sometimes fights because we have different ideas in some things. And I always do want I want. I can’t put in words, my mom is so special to me and I love her with all my heart. She’s my friend and my true best friend. Happy Mother’s Day to you Mom. Miss you all out there.

For you sis, happy mother’s day to you too. I hope you all have fun there during mother’s day. I wish all the best for you. I know you found the man of your life. This time I hope everything will work out perfect. I want you to be happy and hoping not to get hurt.
I’m so happy that you are my sister, and that your always be special to me. And also goodluck with your school, remember to study hard always so you’ll have great grades. Well I know you are smart I admit that, because I know it already since when were kids, and I am proud of you.

Lakisha Was Sent Home!!!!

Wednesday night I didn’t expect that my favorite woman will be sent home. Because I thought Blake Lewis was the one that going to be sent home that night. But I was wrong, I felt so sad to see Lakisha got eliminated that night. She’s one of my favorite woman, I like here a lot because she’s a very humble and lovable kind of woman.

But even though she was sent home she’s still lucky because now she have a big career waiting for her. She’s have an amazing voice and she’s is so lucky to have that nice gift. Now that Lakisha is gone, I’m hoping that my other woman would win the final. Jordan Sparks is my other favorite woman the 17 years old woman with an absolute excellent voice. Lakisha

Been So Busy with my Career!!

Oh my gosh, this past days I have been so busy with my job. I hardly have a chance to update this blog. But anyway I’m glad it Friday which means no work for now . Well weeks comes so quick so I always take advantage every day off I get. Today at work is so nice, I have 6 carts of clothing that need to be sorted and then after I finished it I work at home department so I can have my complete hours. I am hoping to have more jobs because I really need cash this time.

I applied for a job in so many places but haven’t heard from them yet. I hope they’ll call me soon hehehhehehe. So how was everyone? I hope you all have a nice weekend. For me I’m so happy it’s weekend again. I need to have sleep and get some rest. My body is just so tired, and I can tell I’m so stress. Nothing much happen here, other than we have a beautiful weather now. More blossoms came out and the trees are looking great more everyday.

Well I guess that’s all, I don’t know what else to say. Well give you more update later.

Our Trip To Mt. Pleasant!!!!

Inside the house our friend, behind me is his grand piano.

Yesterday me and my bf went to visit our friend who lives in Mt. Pleasant just about 2 to 3 hours drive from home. We have been planning this for about 3 weeks so yesterday we did it. Anyway his a great pianist and each time we visit him. Me and my bf always play something for him. Yesterday I sung the song from the Phantom of the Opera and other song. I was embarrassed because his a professor before he retired and I know he’ll noticed when you made mistake. Well on in all my am embarrassed because my voice is not the great to sing hehehehhehe.

But it’s good to know that he likes all my singing. He always gave me good credit even though I know I didn’t sing it well hehehehhehe. It was fun visiting him because he played this great music that I love to hear. Watching him played the piano makes me smile and I just adored him because his a great pianist. My bf played some music for him too and then after that they plated duet which is really fun because both of them are really good when it comes on playing the piano. So while listening them playing the piano, I was stumping my foot and nodding my head because it was so fun.

After our visit to our friend house we went to the Casino and gamble some money. I had 200 dollars to spent and so is my bf. At first I was winning a little and I keep going till I win more hehehehhe. I lose money at first but I get back after winning straight full house. It’s so addicting to gamble you know, but last night we both decide that we won’t spent all the money we have for gamble hehehhehe. So we drove back home and we arrived at almost midnight.

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