Another Face of Me With New Outfit…..

Another sexy outfit I found today at Forever21, I love shopping in this store because there clothing are to nice and inexpensive.

Anyway how’s everyone doing? As usual my week has been so busy since it’s almost back to school. Well the school just ended, however things for back to school start coming already at my both jobs. So I have been doing lots of back to school items. However, it’s always nice to make some update here in my blog. I promise my self to give some time for my blog.

So today was my day off at my other job, which really nice that way I can have some day to relax. Today is another day where there’s so much sales going on inside the mall. Since it’s my day off I decided to do some shopping. This time I am looking for short skirt and a white top that will go perfect with it. I was so happy that I found what I was looking for at Forever21. I love shopping at forever21 because all there clothing are so nice and very inexpensive.

So tell me what you think with my new outfit hehehhe. This is the time to tell me “How Do I Look”? hehehhehehe. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. And there’s more update coming soon.

Share You Dreams!!! Tag From Ivy!!!

How’s everyone doing out there? I hope you all having a great time enjoying this beautiful weather. Sorry I didn’t do much update because I have been so busy with my both jobs, working as many hours as I could heheheheh. Anyway I got this nice tag from dai Ivy and hoping you all have fun reading my answers.

Hey guys I hope you can share some of your dreams by answering these:

1. Unforgettable Dream
2. Scary Dream
3. Funny Dream
4. Dream House
5. Dream Celebrity Date (Foreign or Local)
6. Dream Job
7. Dream You Had Last Night
8. Dream For Yourself

1. Unforgettable Dream – Having a scary dream is my unforgettable one.

2. Scary Dream – The dream I had last week, that someone was chasing me and I try to run as fast as I could. That was the scariest dream I ever had. I can’t remember the rest but it was pretty scary.

3. Funny Dream – I can remember any…

4. Dream House – My dream house is a house with alot f bed rooms, big living room, has playing room, 3 floor house with elevator, with kitchen, and everything that everyone could dream.

5. Dream Celebrity Date (Foreign or Local) – Hugh Grant

6. Dream Job – To be a singer (That’s a job isn’t it) hehehheheheh

7. Dream You Had Last Night – No dream last night I was too tired to dream I guess hehehehhe

8. Dream For Yourself – To win the lottery

Thanks for tagging me again dai Ivy. You all welcome to do this tag.

Me Need Tag from Cherry!!!

Got this tag from Cherry. I would like to tag all my friends listed here in my blog. However, if you are done with this already then you don’t have to do it again. :).

Instruction: Go to, write your name and the word “needs” in the google and click the Google Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search.

Here’s mine with the “Need”

*Anna needs to be excused fom class today (Why? hehehhehe)
*Anna needs to find a toilet (hmmm hahhahahha LBM?)
*Anna needs to help them (Help who? heheeh)
*Anna needs to get help in raising this (Raising the what?)
*Anna needs a mature guy (hmmm really? let me think)
*Anna needs whatever sense of humour works for her (Hehhehehe not all though heheh)
*Anna needs a plan to pay off the debt (That’s right maybe win the lottery)
*Anna needs to take notes (For what?)
*Anna needs to put on weight! (You’re right with that)

This are the result of my needs word hehehehhe.

Here’s mine for “Wants”

*Anna wants to dance everywhere (hmmm isn’t that embarrassing? hehehhehe)
*Anna wants a cat (Oh course not hehehhe)
*Anna wants to sing a song (I sure do)
*Anna wants to know (Know what?)
*Anna wants milk
*Anna wants a hug (hmmm this is sweet)
*Anna wants to go to Europe (It’s my dream that never yet come true heheheh)
*Anna wants nothin more than to be empress (Not sure about this hehehe)

Enjoy this fun tag of mine from Cherry. Take care all.

What’s Your Best Quality? Another Tag Got From Ivy!!!

When did you start blogging?
*I start since 2004 but I was using a different blog. This is my third blog and I’m loving it.

What do you hope to accomplish your blog?
*To share my daily journey as life moves on. Meet new people through online which I like, share some ideas, to laugh and to read other’s daily life.

What’s your best quality?
*Friendly, easy going and fun to be with?:)

What’s your worst quality?
*I get mad when I don’t get what I think I want hehehehhe 🙂

Is this your first meme?
*I don’t know….. Not that i know of….:)

Thanks for tagging me dai Ivy. You’re welcome to grabbed this tag.

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