Got A New Job!!!

Today I had an interview for Borders Express. And I’m glad it went well, and they said they will call me back for my second interview. Anyway while I was riding the buss going home. I got a call from staples that they want me to call them back before 9:00 pm. So as soon as I see I have miss call, I looked and called the number right away and it was the staples. I talked to the manager and she said that Anna I would like to hire you. Oh I was so happy when I heard the words. I can’t tell how much joy I felt but I’m so happy right now and can’t wait to start working. Tomorrow is my orientation so wish me luck everyone.

The Winner of American Idol 2007!!!!!

I was so happy when Ryan announce the winner last night. I really live Jordan, because of her amazing voice and her personality. The finale was a great night, because Jordan won. I’m so happy for her, she deserved to win and I’m glad she did.

I have fun watching the finale last night because the top 12 was there singing. I’m sure addict with this show, I watch it from 7:30 pm during the Red Carpet till the show start.

So that’s all I can share to all of you. Jordan Sparks is the winner of the American Idol 2007.

Now it’s time for the So You Think You Can Dance. It’s my second favorite show too after American Idol hehehehhehe. This show is so fun to watch. The show start tonight, so I’ll share more about it later. Click here

Happy Weekend Everybody!!

Week are so fast, it’s amazing how fast time comes. Anyway today was really busy day for me. At work I didn’t realized that I’m getting over 2000 clothing to sort. I work as fast as I could because I want to leave from work at 12 to go to my 3rd interviews. Well the head of our team help me sort the clothing because I told her that I’m leaving at 12 so I’ll be online on my interview. I don’t want to be late on my interview you know hehehehhe. So I was so happy when she helped me and we finished the sorting at exactly 12. So I left from work right away to catch the buss going to my interview. I arrived a little early so I decided to take my lunch at the chinese buffet near by. After I ate I went back to staples and talk to the workers that I’m back for my 3rd interview.

Well one guy said that they forget the boss is having a conference meeting, so he told me to come back at 2. It was fine because I have a chance to shop a little at TJMAXX, so at 1:55 pm I went back and the boss wasn’t done with the meeting yet. So I just stay inside the store look around some of there computers until my interview is ready. Well about 2 they called for because the boss is ready. I went to his office and then the interview begins, I was nervous you know because this time I’m talking to the boss hehehehhe. But I’m so glad he was satisfied with my answers and he told me that my the middle of next week I will know the result. So I’m praying i’ll get the job. I’m crossing my fingers for that job.

Anyway that’s what happen for today. More update update coming soon. Have a great day everyone.

A Special Wish

A Special Wish

by Rich

The very moment you looked at me, it has made me smile forever.

I never could believe that I would find such happiness, as I do with you.

Sometimes we aren’t together, and I still can see you in my heart.

A special wish is granted for a deserving soul, and you are that one.

I thought this was very nice of him to write a poem for his girlfriend. I like this a lot very romantic.

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