Happy Monday Everyone I Got Some Good News Today!!!

It’s another beautiful day here in Michigan today. I thought it was going to rain today but I guess it’s not going to. Days comes and go so fast. Yesterday we went to visit my bfs’ Mother and with a nice surprised we also see his sister and his brother-in-law. Yesterday was really hot and I love it.

Today I just felt kinda lazy here, however I always have time to make some update here in my blog. While i’m writting this this post, I heard the mail man car. I went outside and checked what kind of mail we got. Guess????? I got letter from Immigration. It’s my appointment letter for my fingerprint and to take picture. This is for the removal my conditional, Oh my I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I know this is just an appointment letter but still It makes me so happy.

So I sent email to my lawyer right away to tell him about my appointment. Because he told me to tell him as soon as i received this letter. I can’t wait for this day, I’ve been waiting for this day to happen and now it’s getting close. Anyway, enough of excitement now hehehheheheh. I’ll wait and see what will happen next after this appointment.

Today at work I don’t have much to do. I only have few carts of clothing. One of my co-workers helped me so I’l finished early. After I was done working, I went home and eat lunch. Now i’m relaxed and feelin’ good.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog again.

My Family!!!

I am happy to show this picture of me and my family. As some of you knew that I came from a small family. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, not much member in out family but still we always have fun together. This pictures was taken back 2 months ago if I can remember it right. I asked them this pictures, just to have it with me since i’m way far from them.

The baby in the picture is my sister’s son. His the first grandson of my parents, so his a little spoiled with love hehehhe since he does not have any cousin yet hehhehe. I miss my family so much and I hope one day soon I’ll see them again. It’s really hard sometimes to lived far from our family but sometimes we have to do what’s best for us and what the future bring to us. Well anyway I just want to show my family and that I am proud to have them in my life.

It’s A Beautiful Warm Day Here In Michigan!!!

What a day here today, I didn’t expect this beautiful warm day. I really have a good time today since it’s warmer now and I can start wearing my spring clothes. It’s 73 degrees here in Michigan and everyone loving it. I’ve seen lots of people went to the park with there family. Taking advantage this beautiful weather. I know we have this two weeks ago but I hope this is the start for spring now. I’m tired of being cold hehehhehe, warm weather is much needed this time.

Me and my bf went to do some of our errands and come back home and he took some pictures of me, and I took some pictures of our beautiful tulips flowers. Yeah the flowers are here now and soon there will be more. So I’m excited to see all them, the trees start to have leaves. Anyway tonight well have friends come over into our house to watch another UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) were to hooked in this show that we try not to miss any episode hehehhehe.

This show is so addicting and It’s very fun to watch. It’s at spike channel and tonights’ fight is free, so it’s a good thing. Last time we watch it, it was in Pay Per View. We watch it anyway because it worth every single penny, theres fun and excitement when you watch this show.

That’s all for now and thank you all again for visiting my blog. I attached some pictures that we took today.

The Way I look After Taking A Shower!!!

Howdy everyone, here’s another picture to share from me. Today after I take shower, my bf saw how my hair looks and he think it was sexy. So he right away told me if there’s some batteries inside the camera. Because he wants to take a pictures, luckily there is because I charge it the other day. So we went outside the house where there’s some nice view, and took some pictures.

My bf is sure a very good photographer heheheh I am happy and proud to gave him lots of credits for all the beautiful pictures he took. So tell me what you think of my look ehehheheheh.. How Do I Look???:)

Me and My Sister!!!!

Hi everyone just want to share this pictures of me and my younger sister. I have no fun to do so that’s why I’m sharing this picture. You know some people have told as that we almost look twins which hard to beleived because I don’t really look exactly as my sister hehehhehehe. Anyway even her bf told me that I look almost as my sister.

I think it’s a good thing huh. I love hearing it though because she’s my sister and it makes me happy when people says that were almost twins hehehhehe. My sister look more different than before because now she’s inlove hehehehehhe. Yeah she found her man now, and I’m so happy for her. I know she happy with the life where she at right now and I hope that this is it for her. I know theres’ some hurt ache out there but I really don’t want to see my sister to get hurt.

She’s my one and only sister that’s why I’m so close to her hehehehhe. Anyway I thought it would be fun to share some picture of her and me. Maybe soon I will encourage her to joined the blogging place hehehhehe. Only if she won’t be busy, since she’s going to school this opening. I don’t think she have time to be do some blogging hehehehhe, but i’ll try.

Thanks again everyone for visiting my house and reading my post. I appreciate all your time and efforts you spent here.

A Tag Grabbed from Dauph!

I went to visit Dauph journal and I saw this very interesting tag about sharing travel and so on. Okay heres my answer:

1. If you had all the money in the world, where would you travel (somewhere you haven’t been to before)?

“Well if I had all the money in the world, I would travel some parts of United State that I haven’t seen yet. Then travel going to Paris which is my dream place, visit some friends that live in different country. Also I would go visit my family back in the Philippines.

2. What about that place (those places) draws you?

“A place where there’s fun and romantic. Where I could have so much and of course take lots of pictures to keep for remembrance.

3. When you travel, what is your usual purpose (i.e. shop, learn about the history, learn about culture, pure R & R, etc)?

“When I travel the first thing I always love to do is to go see some nice views. Go to some museum to learn about some history of the place I’m visiting. Then shop for some souvenirs to give to some friends back home. And take more more pictures hehehheheh.

4. Give one travel tip.

“Hmmm travel tip. Prepare everything and don’t forget the camera. And if your traveling going to Mexico bring extra swimsuit. Experience the foods that you think interesting. Pay attention on each places your visiting, enjoy your time and have fun while your on vacation.

Alright I finished mine now. So if you want to answer this tag, feel free to grab it and I would be happy to know yours.

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