Pop Goes My Heart

Oh my gosh this song is so lovely. I really felt in love to this song. It’s my first soundtrack here in my blog if you want you can sing while it’s playing. I am including the lyrics here. Have fun listening this music.

Pop Goes My Heart

I never thought that I could be so satisfied
Every time that I look in your angels eyes
A shock inside me that words just can’t describe
And there’s no explaining

Something in the way you move I can’t deny
Every word from your lips is a lullaby
A twist of fate makes life worthwhile
You are gold and silver


I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head
But then POP! Goes my heart
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again, but then
POP! Goes my heart
And I just can’t let you go
I can’t lose this feeling

There precious moments, we have so few
Let us go far away, where there’s nothing to do but play
You show to me that my destiny’s with you
And there’s no explaining

Let’s fly so high, will you come with me tonight?
In your dress, I confess, you’re the source of light
The way you shine in the starry skies
You are gold and silver

[Repeat the Chorus Above 2x]

A twist of fate makes life worth while
You are gold and silver

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Thank You Everyone For Your Comments

Hello everyone I have been so busy this past week, but it’s so nice to see you all your comments here. This past days I have been extremely busy working at my both jobs. I love it though because I kept myself busy and it means I can pay my bills hehehhehehe. I worked at my other job from 3-10 at night. Long hours but I am loving it. Today I worked from 9-3 pm, it was fun working today because as what I said before the people at my new job are new nice and they all treat each other same, it’s like a family business you know.

Anyway working at my new job is the most fun of my life. I’m so happy to get this job and I am lucky that I got hired. I like being busy, hehhehehehe as long as I’m earning money. It’s a good thing to earned money isn’t it? This week I haven’t done moving yet, I’m hoping this week I’ll finished all this moving. Alright everyone thank you so much for all your comments and I will be doing more updates when I can.

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Tag From Darlene

I got more tagged from Darlene. I sure will get drunk now hehehehhehe. Here’s my answers Darlene…

These are the thing that I love most…

I Love….

God…. First of all

My Bf… His the best, his my best friend.

My Family… All my family at back in the Philippines I love them all

Singing… Since when I was a child I always love singing

Dancing… I’m not that good dancer but I enjoy dancing

Working… Because it makes me busy all the time

Shopping… Everyone does, especially when there’s so many sales going on

Cooking… I love to cook alot because to cook my own food I know exactly how I want it.

Shoes…. Oh yeah i’m a shoes freak, I love collecting shoes hehehehhe

High Heels… As you all know I’m not that tall and wearing high heels will help me hehehhehe

Purses… Different color of purse is what I love the most and love collecting them especially if they have different style

Lavender, Green &Blue… These are the color that I can’t resist

Beach… I don’t really like to go swimming on the beach, however I love sun bathing.

Scrapbooking… I’m no expert on doing it yet but I love whatever scrapbook I did

Taking Pictures… Pictures is so important to me, I always have fun taking pictures of my self wherever I go hehehhehe

My Digital Camera… Wherever I go, I always have my digital with just encase I’ll find some nice views

Traveling… But as of now I can’t afford to travel as things get so expensive hehehehhe

Winter… Even though I had my first winter accident, but it doesn’t mean it stopping me for loving the winter hehehhehe

My Laptop… Oh yeah I’m loving this brand new laptop I had past few days ago.

My Cellphone… It’s the most important thing I carry everyday.

I think that’s all for now I can’t think of anything yet hehehehhehe… Feel free to grab everyone.

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More Tag from Anne.

Beautiful Anne here’s my answer to your tag. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Are you smiling?
*Yes because I’m watching the So You Think You Can Dance.

2. When was the last time you met someone new? And who?
*One of my co-workers at Staples names Brian

3. Do you drink wine?
*Nope sorry

4. Tell us when was the last time you were annoyed and why?
*I can’t remember sorry

5. Did you every say bad words like f*** etc? When was the last time you did?
*Yes but not often just when I have too and not in good mood and someone bother me.

6. Do you have any friends who are famous?

7. Last thing you do before going to sleep?
*Think about what to do for tomorrow

8. What is your favorite facial moisturizer? Using it now?
*Ponds but I don’t used it often only if I need it

9. Beside your computer, what is your favorite gadget?
*Cellphone, and my Camera

10. How many division does your parent’s house have?
*I can’t remember how many hehehhehehe, but as I remember they have 2 bedrooms it that enough?

11. Did you ever get drunk, to the exent you throw-up? How many times?

12. Describe your dream bedroom, size, color of thw wallpaper & furniture, etc.?
*A bedroom with king size bed, facing to the Lake with nice lavender/sheer curtain blown by the wind, light brown carpet, lavender sheet, lavender pillow cases and a nice green color on my bathroom. I can’t tell you how pretty is my imagination right now but I know exactly what I wanted hehehhehe.

13. Your most favorite part of your house?
*All of it.

14. How many hours you spend on your computer everyday?
*I do spent 3 hours a day, I can only use my computer after I get off from work

15. Fro swimwear, one-piece or two-piece?
*Two-piece because it’s showed my body figure hehehehhehe

16. What gift (materially) you want to receive on your next birthday?
*The gift that I want on my next birthday is a car hehehhehe

17. If you can afford, what luxury car you want to own?

18. The last time you bought underwear?
*Do I have to tell you? hehehhehe Alright last month at Victoria’s Secret

19. Where did you met your bf/gf/spouse now?

20. Do you believe that there are instances that cheating is forgivable?

21. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have? How much it cost?
*Hmmm I can’t tell you hehehe.

22. Do you own a boat?
*No I don’t.

23. Your most favorite viand (Just One)

24. When was the last time you make love?
*What the hell is this question hehehhehehe. Hmmm let me think I lost count hehehehhe

25. If ever, you’ll be given the chance to run for a position, what would it be?
*To be President

26. Ever joined a beauty & brain contest? Specify

27. If you have to answer the unforgettable final question of Lara Quigaman, (Ms. International 2005) what will be your answer? “What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies”?
*Be proud to admit, because they are very hard worker and very devoted in everything they do.

28. Any particular thing you want to buy for your father/husband/bf this father’s day?
*I don’t know yet. I”m still thinking about it.

I’m passing this to Ivy, Haze, Honey, and Darlene.

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Another Tag From Darlene!!

Okay I got more tag from Darlene. Here’s some answers. Have fun everyone.

Inside The Room Of Your Soul…

1. Imagine you are entering a room. What do you first notice?

2. How is the floor?
*Hard Wood.

3. There is a mirror in the middle of the room. How would you describe it?
*A mirror that tells the truth when it comes to beauty.

4. You wander over to a window. What sort of view do you see?
* Big trees
* Nice green grass
*Cars passing by
*Beautiful Lake

5. Finally, you decide to sit down and relax. Where do you sit down?
*Couch in front of the TV

6. What My Soul Really Looks Like?
*It say that I’m a happy woman, contented of what have given to me.

That’s the end of this tag. Let me start another one from Darlene again passed by Ivy.

1. Does anyone know your password to your email?
*Yes my bf of course hehehehhe

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonald’s?
*I was there special wrap.

3. Are you an emotional person?

4. Do you like your name?
*I sure am

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
*Not anymore

6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?

7. What was the last thing you did @ work?
*Do some recovery at our department

8. Who is right next to you?
*Just by myself hehehhehe

9. Who was the last person you ate with?
*My bf we went to bob Evans

10. What song are you listening to right now?
*Nothing I just turn if off

11. How’s the weather right now?
*Look likes it going to rain again

12. Last person who called you today?
*No one

13. Last song you sang?
*Evil woman by my favorite band

14. Last time you danced?
*I can’t remember because it was a long time ago

15. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
*Yes and I don’t care hehehhehe

16. Last thing you ate?
*Food from Chinese Buffet

17. Been really depressed before?
*Super during my divorce

18. Faked being sick to miss school?
*Yes i did

19. What time did you wake up today?
*At exactly 8:22 in the morning

20. Current taste

21. Who is the person the posted this survey?
*Pretty woman Darlene

22. What are you wearing right now?
*Long sleeve cause it’s cold

23. Are you too shy to ask anyone out?
*It depends on the situation

24. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
*There look

25. Where are you right now?
*In the living room in front of my laptop

26. What date and day is it?
* Let me thing heheheh oh i remember now it’s Tuesday June 5, 2007

27. What did you do there?
*Just sitting down that’s all

28. How old are you?
*Do i have to tell hehehheh Hmmm I’m 25

29. Are you mature/immature?
*Mature of course hehehhehe

30. Do you call your parents by their first name?

31. Are you an only child?
*Nope I have one sister and one brother

32. Where do you go shopping?
*To the place where it has more sales hehehhehe

33. Do you like books?
*Nope except for cook books.

I don’t know whom should I tag this survey. However every are welcome to do this survey just give me a haler to I would know and I could visit your blog.

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Happy Sunday To All Of You!!!

I am so glad to have this day off , well it’s not really day off. I don’t actually work on Sunday since I told them that I don’t want to work on Sunday. I have been so busy working lately, I worked day and night. It’s fun to have two job since I need lots of thing. However, this new job I have right now it so much fun. There’s alot of things to do which I like so much. I just can’t tell you all how much I love my new job.

Even though my weeks has been busy. I still have chance to do some blog hopping, scrapbooking which is included in this post hehehhehe. Yesterday I finally signed my apartment lease. It was very exciting, knowing that I’m having my own place. I am very excited and I can’t wait to live by my self and concentrate working.

Today me and my bf bought some things for my apartments. I need lots of things but I’m doing it slowly since I’m not in the hurry of needing them. However, I have to have a computer because I can’t lived without it. And guess what? I do have my own laptop now. Yeah I was very surprised when I came home from worked the other night and my bf called me to the living room and there it is my new laptop. His such a nice man and I am very happy with the surprised he had for me.

I didn’t finished moving today because the weather was so hot and it was really making me lazy. It’s not fun to have but oh well I have to do it. Well anyway that’s all I can share right now. Thank you all for all the comments you left here in my blog. I really appreciate all your time you spent here.

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