Thank God It’s Weekend….

Whew today was really busy day for me. I worked both job and they’re both busy as can be since it’s back to school. I worked long hours today which I love cause I know what’s coming hehehhehe. Anyway just want to share about my day at work. I would yesterday now, cause while I’m doing this update it’s already 1 in the morning. At work was just busy as always but this time is more busier than the other day I have experience. August 25 is a Teacher Appreciation Day at Staples which mean also that it would be really busy. It’s fun to be busy though because the time run faster and I don’t feel bored working since there’s alot of customer coming in and out.

Before we left at Staples yesterday which is the 24th of August heheheh ( just don’t want to confused everyone here). Everything are ready for the Saturday teachers’ events. Luckily I’m not opening which is a little bit better than opening hehehehe. I know tomorrow morning will look like the staples got flooded because of people hehehhehe. However, we love it when were busy cause that mean were doing a great job with our customers and they’re there to buy more of our products. Anyway that’s what happening at my Staples job.

For my Jcpenney it’s getting busy too and more winter coats arrived everyday. Which is very weird because i think it’s too early for the coats to arrived. The back to school is not done yet and the winter coats started to come. I think that’s how business works hehehehhe. So I’m sure this coming months or weeks I will be more busier. However, I will try all I can to make some update here in my blog. Alright people that’s all I can share right now. Thanks for ready and have a great weekend.

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What’s My Dinner???

So tonight I made a nice dinner for my self. I’m alone but still i have fun cooking to save money you know. It’s my own recipe, I didn’t follow any book recipe since I love cooking my own food. Sometimes I like to use cook book but most of the time I just do it my self, just to see if I can really cook:):):).

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Sharing This Nice Poem!!!!

Whew what a nice Poem, anyway just want to share this short poem I got from Cherryblossoms. It was sent by one of the guy member which I really think he got this online hehehehhe. Anyway here it is.

Your Teddy Bear

If I could be your teddy bear

For just one single night;
Before you drifted off to sleep
You’d hold me, oh, so tight!

You’d tell me all about your dreams
Of finding someone dear.
A love to hold you in his arms
And drive away your fear.

A love that you could count on
When you really feel the need.
With whom your secrets you would share,
A special love indeed!

And as those words escaped your lips
You’d gently fall asleep
And, knowing what you’ll never know,
Your teddy bear would weep.

I’d cry because you would not know
You’d found your love, so true!
And then I’d whisper in your ear,
“Your teddy bear loves you.”

Romantic huh… Anyway i thought it was very nice to got a nice poem. However I have no interest towards him at all :)…

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One Word Meme

Got this tag from Grace, one of the bisdak member. Thanks for the tag Grace.

Where is your cell phone? It’s with me
Relationship? Single
Your hair? Long and Black
Work? Yes
Your Sister? 1
Your favorite thing? listening music
Your dream last night? I was dreaming of my prince charming.:)
Your favorite drink? Coke
Your dream car? too many to mention here hehehhehe
The room you’re in? Living room
Your shoes? no shoes right now, i’m sitting down here infront of my computer
Your fears? shark, and snake
What do you want to be in 10 years? Rich woman with happy family of my own
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My friend
What are you not good at? Don’t know can’t think of any right now 🙂
Muffin? Oh yeah love it
One of your wish list items? To be married again.
Where you grew up? Davao city, Philippines
Last thing you did? eat lunch
What are you wearing? t-shirt and capri pants
What aren’t you wearing? jewelry
Your per? no pet
Your computer? Laptop
Your life? hmmm it’s sucks….
Your mood? perfect
Missing? My family
What are you thinking about right now? How to win the lottery
Your car? None, zero:)
Your kitchen? Great, it’s perfect for me
Your Summer? Wonderful
Your favorite color? Lavender and can i add another one? Pink hehehehhe
Last time you laughed? Minute ago hehehehhe
Last time you cried? Two days ago
School? DOA
Love? To have my own kids one day

Hope you enjoy my answer Grace.

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Wow this is just great, I was blog hopping and found this coolest site from other’s people blog. So I thought I would give it a try. The picture below is one of the Museumr I did finished. I will put this on my photo album soon ehhehehe.

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Here’s One Of My Favorite Song!!!!

Potential Breakup

It took too long
it took too long
It took too long for you to call back
and normally I would forget that
except for the fact that it was my birthday
my stupid birthday

I played along
I played along
I played along, rolled right off my back
But obviously my armor was cracked
what kind of boyfriend would for get that?
who would forget that?

The type of guy who doesn’t see
what he has until she leaves
Don’t let me go
Cuz without me you know your lost
Wise up now or pay the cost
soon you will know

You’re not livin’ til you’re livin’
Livin’ with me
You’re not winnin’ till you’re winnin’
Winnin’ me
You’re not gettin’ til you’re gettin’
Gettin’ to me
You’re not livin’ til you’re livin’
Livin’ for me

This is the potential breakup song
our album needs just one
Oh baby please please tell me

We got along
we got along
We got along until you did that
now all I want is my stuff back
do you get that?
let me repeat that
I want my stuff back
[Potential Break-up Song lyrics on]

You can send it in a box
I don’t care just drop it off
I won’t be home
Cuz without me you know you’re lost
minus you i’m better off
Soon you will know

You’re not livin’ till you’re livin’
Livin’ with me
You’re not winnin’ till you’re winnin’
Winnin’ me
you’re not gettin’ til you’re gettin’
Gettin’ to me
You’re not livin’ til you’re livin’
Livin’ for me

You can try you can try
You know it will only be a lie
Without me you’re gonna die
So you better think clearly, clearly
Before you nearly, nearly
Bust up the situation that you gonna miss dearly, dearly
You’re not livin’ til your livin’
Livin’ with me
You’re not winnin’ til you’re winnin’
Winnin’ me
You’re not gettin til you;re gettin’
Gettin’ to me
you’re not livin til you’re livin’
llivin’ for me

This is the potential breakup song
our album needs just one
oh baby please please tell me

This is the potential makeup song
please just admit you’re wrong
which will it be?
which will it be?

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