How To Make Your Own Sushi

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If you love sushi as much as I do, then this post is for you. My husband and I are big sushi lover. Yeah, we love eating sushi, and if we could eat it every we will. However, buying sushi all the time at restaurants or store can be expensive. So why not learn how to make it yourself right? It’s inexpensive, and you can enjoy it more often. So today, I am sharing you How To Make Your Own Sushi.

Love sushi but can’t afford to eat it as often as you’d like? Learn how to save money by making sushi at home with this series of simple how-to articles. Beginning sushi making takes a bit of practice to get the hang of, so the first few attempts may not be pretty. After the sushi rice has been prepared and allowed to cool, it’s time to move on to the next step in the process. Make sure that the following items are on hand:

Sushi rolling mat (You can find this on any Asian store, or store that carry international products/items). Rolling mat plays a big roll on making a great sushi.

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How To Make A Healthy Easter Dinner

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Having an Easter dinner that is healthy is very important for today’s obesity rates. Kid’s obesity rates have drastically risen within the last ten years. Kids are filling up with more junk food than healthy food. Parents should take their child’s Easter candy and allow a certain amount a day. This is also helpful because when the parent cooks a healthy Easter dinner, the child will eat up the healthy food too.

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When cooking an Easter dinner, always try to use butter and sugar substitutes. These are better for the body than regular butter and sugar. When someone serves a lot of butter and/or butter cooked foods, it will raise cholesterol and could over time cause more heart problems. This is very important in older adults. Also, be aware of any special food restrictions the host’s family, friends or guests may have.

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Always include vegetables and fruit in an Easter dinner. Fruits and vegetables can be cooked in many different appetizing ways to entice the children. It is very important to include healthy times such as veggies and fruit because they will keep children on a balanced diet and will help them grow big and strong. When cooking the fruits and veggies, be sure to use minimum amounts of oil and sugar.

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Toronto Fun Facts Toronto Canada

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Toronto, Canada is the capital of the province of Ontario and is by far its largest city in both size and population. It is home to 25% of Canada’s total population. Toronto was first inhabited by European Settlers in the 1500’s. At the time Toronto and its surrounding area was merely a vast area of only trees and water.

Today, Toronto is a modern city both culturally and economically. Each of Canada’s main financial institutions has its international headquarters located in Toronto and several US car manufacturers have their Canadian headquarters in Toronto or in nearby Mississauga, Canada. There are many things about Toronto that may surprise visitors. From its citizens to its natural beauty it is truly a city of much splendor. Here are just a few things that make Toronto one of the most unique and welcoming cities in the world:

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How To Make Homemade Raisin Bread

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Today’s recipe is How To Make Homemade Raisin Bread. The perfect bread to serve at breakfast and to start your day. Packed with juicy raisins and mild taste of the honey that makes this bread delicious. This bread is very rich in fiber, and it has the perfect sweetness because it is not overly sweet.

In one hour and fifteen minutes, you will have freshly baked honey raisin bread and be ready to devour. It is very inexpensive to make. This healthy bread will serve great with hot beverages such as coffee or hot tea. To make the bread, even more, tastier when serving, serve with fruit spread, jelly, jam, or butter. They are great served hot or warm.

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This is the perfect breakfast for sending your kids off to school. They will love this sweet tasting bread. It will give them the added energy for school. This is a very basic recipe that may be added to. Cinnamon would be an excellent flavor for adding, You may also add to the recipe by adding nuts to give the bread a nutty flavor such as chopped almonds or pecans.

Try a slice with a little spread of cream cheese. This bread will make a delicious breakfast sandwich served with sausage or bacon. There are many creative things you can do with sweet bread. Breakfast bread has a long history and is a tradition in many regions of the world. These bread will also make great gifts for a whole family to share and enjoy. I hope that you and your guests will love this simple and easy to make bread.

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Mung Beans with Chicken (Filipino Style)

Hello everyone. So today I’m gonna be sharing you this Mung Beans with Chicken (Filipino Style). You can make this recipe in different variations. Mung beans are my favorite beans to cook, even when I was living in the Philippines. Most of the time they just mix mung beans with brown sugar after it finished cooking and eat it like a meal.

On my recipe, it’s pretty simple and easy to make. The ingredients that I used on this recipe are mostly in my pantry already. My main ingredients is coconut milk because it’s what makes this dish taste perfect. I also use spinach, ginger, tomatoes, garlic, and onions. Read more

7 Best Places to Eat When You’re in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has an impressive dining scene and if you’re a food lover, prowling the streets to get yourself some of the best of the best here, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find everything from sandwiches with fries spilling out of it to birthday cake ice-cream, and more! Keep reading to discover 7 best of the best places to eat in Pittsburgh.

Duncan Street Sandwich Shop

Duncan Street Sandwich Shop has been well known for its inventive menu, but that’s not the only reason to get yourself here. The small menu serves some delicious sandwiches that have some complex flavors that you absolutely need to taste. The salads change daily, and most of them are great. What’s best about the menu is the sides- especially the Turkey Soup!


Want to indulge yourself but still not spend more than $10 on your dinner? Noodlehead is the place to be. Noodlehead has literally NO dishes over the modest price of $9 and is complete with a nice menu of some heartwarming noodle options to pick from. The sides are super delicious too, and when you’re here, you can totally pig out without burning a hole in your wallet.

Driftwood Oven

Driftwood Oven was originally a mobile pizza place, and since its conception in 2015, it has been serving the freshest and the most delicious pizzas ever in Pittsburgh. The dough for the pizzas is hand mixed and packs in an organic mix of flours with sourdough culture, turning out to be one of the best pizza bases there is!


Burgatory serves thick and juicy burgers and some insanely thick and creamy milkshakes, and getting yourself here to give them a try when you’re in Pittsburgh is an absolute mandate. For all those vegans out there, there’s also an ‘Impossible Burger’ that is crafted completely using plant based ingredients, and it supposedly tastes mind blowing, to say the least. Read more

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