Filipino BBQ Recipe

Today I am sharing you this Filipino BBQ Recipe, that is very popular in our country.  We always have bbq each time we have a gathering.  Filipino bbq is very easy to make and it’s sweet, we marinate the meat overnight or 1 day.  When making Filipino bbq you can use pork or chicken, it depends on what you feel like eating.  However, mixing pork and chicken bbq is delicious as well.  During my daughter 4th birthday party, I made chicken and pork bbq.   The reason I did that is that some of our guests prefer chicken.

I marinated my bbq for about two days, the meat was so tender and it was full of flavor.  The marinate contains banana ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, garlic salt powder, pepper, lemon juice, minced garlic and soda of your choice. I used about 6 boneless chicken breast cut it in a long strip. I choose to cut it into a strip that way it’s easier for me to put it on the skewer.

Marinating the meat for a long time really give it time to soak up the flavor.  The meat was very tender, for basting you I used the same ingredients like the one I used for my marinate.  I didn’t want to use the marinade I use for my meat to avoid getting sick.  I fired up my grill to 350 deg, I didn’t want the grill to be very hot that way the meat won’t be tough.

This bbq is really delicious, our guest really enjoyed it and even complimented me for it.  There are many variations on making Filipino bbq recipe, some do marinate it just for 3 hours.  If you want more recipe, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Read more

Macaroni Fruit Salad

Macaroni Fruit Salad is our all time favorite growing up. It’s a very popular dessert in my country, we make this kind of dessert when there is a birthday, wedding, family reunion and another occasion  We rarely make this when there are no occasions.  I remembered telling my mom that macaroni fruit salad is so much better than birthday cake.

Macaroni fruit salad is a mix of vegetables, condense milk and other delicious ingredients.  This is the easiest delicious dessert to prepare.  It doesn’t even take 20 minutes to prepare everything.

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Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Dinner Rolls is the name of this recipe I am sharing with you all today.  When I saw this recipe posted by One Love One Kitchen I thought to myself, oh my I have to try this.  Cream Cheese is delicious on everything, even use it for a spread and when I make pasta.

This cream cheese filled pumpkin dinner rolls are very elegant looking and perfect to take any get-together.  Dinner rolls are common to have as a side on lunch and even dinner.  My mother-in-law can make delicious dinner rolls, however, we never tried this kind of dinner rolls.  Looking at these pumpkin dinner rolls just makes me hungry.

This cream cheese filled pumpkin dinner rolls are very easy to make and definitely a crowd pleaser.  The combination of pumpkin and cream cheese is just perfect.  Well, let’s get started with this recipe. Read more

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is one of my favorites to have during winter time, Although you can also eat this in the summertime, however, this is very comforting in a cold weather. I know a lot of restaurants offer French Onion Soup, however making it at home is fantastic. This kind of soup is perfect to have around holiday gathering. Since it’s been cold here in Alabama, my husband and kids have been loving the soup I have been making for them.

Finally, it’s winter weather here in our end. I have made a lot of soup and the leftover I packed in an airtight Tupperware and put it in the freezer. This recipe I am sharing with you today is just full of flavor and so delicious. A comfort soup for everyone, perfect soup to be added to your daily meal.

Thanks to One Love One Kitchen for giving me an opportunity to share this recipe here on my blog. This soup is addictive and so easy to make as well. French Onion Soup is delicious, and a type of soup that is on meat broth or stock. I love this serve with croutons with cheese on the top. Or you can also serve this with some garlic bread.

So let’s get started with our recipe, shall we? I would like to say thank you again to One Love One Kitchen, the photo and recipe information is credited back to its original author. Read more

Beef Honeycomb Trip Stir-Fry

Beef Honeycomb Tripe Stir-Fry is the recipe that I am sharing with you all today.  I wasn’t really thinking of making this stir-fry when I bought the honeycomb tripe.  I bought this tripe to make a rice soup for my daughter and husband since they didn’t feel too good.  This beef honeycomb tripe stir-fry is very delicious, it’s loaded with a lot of flavor and vegetables.  Stir-Fry is often kind dry not soupy really, however, I decided to add a little soup on this because I love putting it over rice.

I bought this one package of beef honeycomb tripe from Walmart.  It was a great buy since some was a bit high price.  I was planning on buying two packages but decided to stick to one bag since this is enough meat for something that I need.

I boiled this tripe for long hours, in a slow heat to make it tender.  Approximately three hours, I scooped out the existing fat and seasoned this very well to have a flavorful broth.  Boiling the tripe in slow heat helps it become very tender, not chewy.  Then after I boiled the tripe I let it cool down and started cutting them to a length that I want.   Read more

20 Desserts Recipes

Life is boring without dessert, well at least that’s how I think about it sometimes. So today I am sharing you these 20 Dessert Recipes I put together.  I’m not a big dessert person, however, whenever I feel like baking dessert. I always end up having a marathon week where all I do is make dessert. Sometimes my husband has to remind me that there’s always next time. I don’t have to make all the dessert in one week just because I crave for it.

Dessert is something that I enjoy making, although I am not much of a dessert person. However, when I do eat or crave for it, I have to make myself stopped because if not I will be in a big trouble. As the holiday is approaching, one thing that I like giving as a gift is dessert. I know my mother-in-law she loves baking, we even give her a hint on what we want to eat for dessert and sure enough the next day it’s cooked.

This year I was really thinking hard about what kind of dessert should I baked this year. I found different desserts recipes that I believed you all might like as well. Whenever we get invited to a get together I always carry a dessert with a long with a different dish. Most of the time when there is a party we normally do potluck that way the host won’t be tired and can actually visit with the guest.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy these different dessert recipes that I come up with. I thank all the bloggers who gave me permission to share their recipe as well as their photos. Let me know down in the comments below which dessert is your favorite. Read more

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