Christmas Tree Desserts

These Christmas tree desserts (keyword) will definitely bring lots of fun and excitement to your holiday party! The kids and the kids at heart will absolutely love these adorable creations! And they’re so simple and easy to make! You can use some of these Christmas tree desserts for your holiday tree themed party! How cool is that?! But there’s a warning! You might not want to eat them, they’re too cute and pretty to consume!

Check out our list of some of the most darling Christmas tree desserts and treats and make the heart (and tummy) filled with joy this holiday season! Enjoy! Read more

Overnight Lasagna

Who doesn’t want an Overnight Lasagna? Oh my, this Lasagna would be perfect to make on a busy week or even on the weekend. My husband and kids love lasagna, and I am constantly on the hunt for a new recipe each time they request for lasagna. I always believe that the easier the better, and of course, it has to taste delicious also.

Overnight lasagna would fit perfectly for us since we are constantly on the run. I don’t even remember the time we slowed down working. Anyway, this overnight lasagna is very easy to make. Doesn’t require a lot of ingredients nor your time. It’s cheesy and will make you make more of this kind. Assembling everything ahead of time, and just put in the oven the next day you wake-up, what a great meal right?

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21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes

This post contains linking back to its original creator.

21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes is what I’m gonna be sharing today. No matter how great of a cook you are, there always that time where we wonder what to cook for the next meal. Most of the time finding different recipes aside from what we normally cook daily is awesome. I love changing up the meal each week around our house that way my husband and kids won’t get tired eating the same food.

Being flexible in cooking a different meal is great and fun to do as well. You don’t have to be a perfect chef to cook a delicious meal. Looking at these 21 delicious and easy kielbasa recipes makes my mouth water. So much delicious recipes to choose too and most of these recipes are easy to make as well. Read more

7 Warm Cocktail Recipes

7 Warm Cocktail Recipes for a cold winter is what I’m sharing with you today. If you are like me who loves making some cocktails when it’s nasty outside. My husband and I love sitting down on our couch and visit while it’s pouring rain or just too cold for us to be outside. Read more

Deep Fried Banana Rolls (Toron)

Toron is a very popular snack in the Philippines.  Matter of fact growing up that was the easiest snacks we can make at home.   Deep fried banana rolls are really delicious and easy to make.  It’s something that you put in the freezer as well if you don’t want to cook it all at once.  Cooking deep fried banana rolls is like cooking the eggrolls, the only difference is that we coated the outside with caramelized brown sugar.  You can control how much sugar you want to add to this snack.  Since you coated the banana with brown sugar before you wrap it, it makes it sweeter and moist inside.

The first time I made this for my husband and kids, I was unsure how they gonna react with it.  Luckily, they all like it and want more of it.  So since I didn’t cook everything I put some in the ziplock bag and freeze them.  Deep fried banana rolls (toron) can be fried frozen,  you can use your pan or deep fryer.  Now that I finally bought a deep fryer, I am in the mood to cooking snacks like this or even the eggrolls.  Owning deep fryer definitely change the way my frying look. Read more

Atlanta Trip with My Friend Meriam

A few weekends ago my friend Meriam and I decided to take a trip to Atlanta.  One reason is to see the parking place where she is going to leave her car when she goes to the Philippines for the holiday.   The traffic on the weekend was not bad at all, plus we left early enough.  The place where she was planning on leaving her car is not far from the Atlanta airport at all so it was awesome.  The drive took us about two hours and a half, I was Mericam co-pilot since she has not driven to Atlanta as I do. Read more

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