Air Fried Gobi Masala

Air Fried Gobi Masala is something I have seen on youtube. I don’t believe I have ever tasted masala before. I may have but I just cannot remember it. Gobi Masala is a spicy north Indian recipe that is served with rice, chapati or naan.

From what I have seen on youtube, they make a different variety of Goi Masala. They even have a vegetarian recipe for this dish. Air Fried Gobi Masala, looks really delicious and I think if you want it’s easy customized this recipe. Some chef I have seen made this recipe added some greens or some herbs to add some colors to the dish.

If you love eating spicy then this Air Fried Gobi Masala recipe from One Love One Kitchen will make you crave for masala. The combination of the ingredients is just amazing. Read more

Air Fried Vegan Bulgogi

Today I am sharing you this Air Fried Vegan Bulgogi. My sister is a vegan, so every now and I then I like finding a new recipe for her that she can cook for her family. Bulgogi is a very popular dish from Korea, it’s very flavorful and delicious as well. Matter of fact this is my first time to see a vegan bulgogi recipe.

Air fried vegan bulgogi recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients. Bulgogi is another Korean dish which I enjoy eating whenever I get a chance. It has been a year ago I think since I made Bulgogi at home.

Making bulgogi is a lot of work but definitely worth it. I used beef for my bulgogi since that was the only meat available at home. This air fried vegan bulgogi is something that I would definitely consider adding to my weekly meal plan. It’s healthy and loaded with so much flavor.

I’d like to thank One Love One Kitchen for my guest here on my blog. Photo & Ingredients information is credited back to its original author. Read more