Valentina Sauce Review – Hot – Spicy & Delicious


Today I am doing a Valentina Sauce Review – Hot – Spicy & Delicious. I am sure some of you are familiar with this sauce. I first tasted this at the flea market they used this sauce to add inside the bag of some snack. This one is spicy I love, some people use this for their taco and burritos.  The other day when I went grocery shopping at Aldi. I found this big bottle, the price is right lol meaning not expensive at all. If I remembered it correctly I think this bottle cost around $1.50 that just my guess , I can’t really remember but anyway it was cheap. 
My family love eating spicy food so having this around is really handy.  This sauce taste really good, it’s spicy enough for all of us. I believed this bottle will last us for awhile. So if you love eating spicy and you want some hot sauce you might want to try Valentina.  It’s really good you will not regret it.
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Have you tried this sauce before? 
Did you like it? If not what didn’t you like about it?


Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week

So I decided to put together these “Ways to Prepare Meal for a Week” a simple meal that you can cook on the weekend to last you for a week.  I cook meal each Sunday to prepare for the week ahead of us.  To avoid cooking and wondering what meal to cook or eat.  Let’s get started.

For Breakfast:


For breakfast try making this egg muffin it’s very easy.  You can make this with anything such as spinach, onions and tomatoes .. Or you can just do it using mushroom, tomatoes, onions and spinach.  I have a post about this egg muffins over here.  You can also do yogurt in the morning, or even smoothies.


For Lunch:

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10 Most Beautiful Flowers That I Love

Photo Credited To IvoryMix

Flowers is another way to be close to women heart, well at least that’s how I feel and a lot of women I talked to.  It’s the easiest way to show to your love-ones your feeling and emotions.  Whenever we see those beautiful flowers we always feel happy and relax. It’s simply lift our spirit and make us forgets everything else surround us. Flowers bring smile to anyone who is having a bad day, sick or lonely.  So speaking for myself, I am a flowers lover.  There are different of flowers that I love, so let’s get started.

Photo Credited To Pixabay


I think roses are the most romantic and have the most wonderful scents.  Each colors represent it’s meaning from true love to friendship. Yellow Roses create warm feelings and provide happiness.  Giving someone a yellow roses tell that person the joy they have bring in your life and the friendship you two share.   White Roses is the purist of all the colors, represent he innocence, purity and charm.  From the Friendship to True Love meaningful of giving flowers, Roses is very popular to use when it comes to cheering up someone.  This flowers are considered one of the most beautiful plants to have around your garden.

Photo Credited To Pixabay


Tulip is another one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  Comes with different variety of colors, and can easily grown in the pots or beside your house.  It’s popular on it’s fresh-cut flowers, in the US they are seen bloom on spring.  They only produce one flower per stem, they have three petals and three sepals, which are often termed tepals because they are almost identical.  

Bleeding Heart

I always thought these flowers are so gorgeous. Their appearance is so beautiful its like a fairy flowers.  These flowers appear in April to June.  I would love to grow something like this in our flower garden.


Canna is a genus of nineteen species of flowering plants.  They are so easy to maintain and grow, doesn’t require a lot of work really.  This has different variety of colors as well.


As you all know this flower is named after the botanist Anders Dahl.  This is a beautiful flowers that bring so much attention to your flower garden.  This is one of my favorite plant because if it’s looks and the smell.  It’s a genus native to Central America, Colombia as well as Mexico, they are bushy, tuberous and perennial plants.

Lily of the Valley
I have heard that this flower has a very nice fragrance, The flowers have six white tepals (rarely pink), fused at the base to form a bell-shape, 5–10 mm diameter, and sweetly scented; flowering is in late spring, in mild winters in the Northern Hemisphere it is in early March.


Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night in order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them. The flowers yield no nectar, however, and simply dupe their pollinators. The moths inadvertently pollinate them by transferring pollen from flower to flower in their fruitless search for nectar.  I remembered growing up in the Philippines our neighbor have this kind of flowers and golly they smell so good.

Oriental Poppies

Oriental poppies grow a mound of leaves that are hairy and finely dissected in spring. They gather energy and bloom in mid-summer. After flowering the foliage dies away entirely, a property that allows their survival in the summer drought of Central Asia. Gardeners can place late-developing plants nearby to fill the developing gap. 

White Lotus 

White Lotus also known as white waterlilly is very popular in Asia.  Species come the Nymphaeaceae family and this grows in some parts of Southerast Asia and East Africa. The blossoms float on water with the support of its lily pads.  You can also see these blossoms at some pond or at some aquarium.

Cheery Blossoms

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? They are the most beautiful tree/flowers in the word. Every spring a lot of people appreciated the beautiful of these tree because of it’s gorgeous bloom.  In the U.S you will see a lot of pink and white Cherry Blossoms bloom in spring.  This is one thing that I like having around our house because how stunning it look.

Hope you all enjoy this post.
I would like to thank Wiki (source of some information) , Pixabay (for beautiful images) and Ivory Mix (for my photo introduction.)

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Every now & then we need something to remind us, just how lucky we are. . And that blessing that God has showered to us is Endless.

Remember to stay positive, it’s does not matter what other people throw in front of you.  Live your life to the fullest, because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not a promise, so let enjoy each moment of what we have now.  Be Bold, Be Brave and Be You.

Hope that you all enjoy this small saying that I posted.  Just want to motivate everyone, that despite how difficult life is there is always positive behind it.





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I don’t know if you all noticed but I also have a different blog that is dedicated for just recipe.  Yes aside from being a busy mommy, I also cook a lot for my family and share them online.  If you like trying new recipes I would like to invite you all to visit my other blog “Creative Thrifty Chef”  .

I share recipe each week either it’s the meal I cook at home, or recipes that I found online.  Yes I do multi task a lot and I like it.  Anyway, hope you enjoy my other blog and let me know what you think about by leaving comments below or to my other blog.  Thank you everyone.

L'oreal Micellar Cleaning Water Review

I was given an opportunity to review this product from L’oreal.  L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water is new  liquid that a lot of people using as a cleanser or make-up remover.  I have used this product now for quite sometimes and so far I like it a lot.  I used this to take my make-up or if I just want to clean my face.  One thing I love about this product though is that it doesn’t irritate my skin nor make it red.  This product is available in a lot of country including US, Canada, and in Asia.  We are just getting this product in the US. 
I have use different cleansing before but so far this is by far one of my favorite.   When I used this to take my make-up it definitely take it all, unlike other that I have use in the pass where you can still feel some make-up is still on your face. 

In normal to dry skin, basic cleansers and exfoliators can strip the skin causing dryness. L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water formulated for Normal to Dry Skin is gentle on skin but removes makeup and dirt perfectly in one step, leaving skin feeling hydrated and soothed. HOW DOES IT WORK? Powered by tiny micelle molecules in water that cluster together to surround and lift away impurities and makeup with no harsh rubbing. THE RESULT: Dryness is reduced. Skin is left perfectly clean, soothed and hydrated.
Cleans Dirt and Impurities
Removes Makeup
Hydrates and Soothes
 This product may not work for everyone as we have different type of skin, and sensitiveness.  This work for me, and it may or may not work for you.   
Have you tried this product yet?
Share you experience with it down on the comments box.  
The products was sent to me free and I have not received no other compensation for this review I have written above. All the opinions/reviews are strictly mine, my husband and my kids thoughts about the product after we all tested it. I am not affiliated with the company I have mention here nor obligated to give either positive or negative review. Most of my reviews I have written are positive that is because we believed that a company who offers great product deserve a positive review, so it will help their business grow.