Cupcakes & Mug Cake Round-Up Recipes

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Cupcakes & Mug Cakes Round-Up Recipes is what I came up for my today’s post. If you are like me who enjoys baking, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter. Then this post is for you, having kids have taught me how to make from cakes to bread. I strive to bake both of our girls their favorite deserts.

Cupcakes have so many variations recipes all over the internet. You can even add strawberries, and other fruits to add more flavors. Cupcakes are something that I enjoy doing especially on a special occasion such as birthday parties for our girls.

Another dessert is the mug cake, I am so intrigued that you can make a dessert using your mug. I must say, the first time my mother-in-law made a mug cake I was blown away on how it tastes. It didn’t take her long to get it ready, and it was delicious.

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12 Yummy French Toast Recipes

French toast is a great breakfast to have, and so easy to make as well.  I have these 12 Yummy French Toast Recipes that I think you all will enjoy having. These recipes are simple and easy to make, and not only that it’s also delicious. My husband and kids love eating french toast. It has been a while since I made some french toast for breakfast.

Putting these 12 yummy french toast recipes made me think that it’s about time to make french toast for my family.   I can’t remember the last time I made french toast for them just to be honest. The only time we make it on the weekend, mostly on Sunday morning before church. Few of the recipes that are included to this list are something that I have made in the past. Having these 12 yummy french toast recipes at once would be a treat. Read more

Christmas Tree Desserts

These Christmas tree desserts (keyword) will definitely bring lots of fun and excitement to your holiday party! The kids and the kids at heart will absolutely love these adorable creations! And they’re so simple and easy to make! You can use some of these Christmas tree desserts for your holiday tree themed party! How cool is that?! But there’s a warning! You might not want to eat them, they’re too cute and pretty to consume!

Check out our list of some of the most darling Christmas tree desserts and treats and make the heart (and tummy) filled with joy this holiday season! Enjoy! Read more

21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes

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21 Delicious and Easy Kielbasa Recipes is what I’m gonna be sharing today. No matter how great of a cook you are, there always that time where we wonder what to cook for the next meal. Most of the time finding different recipes aside from what we normally cook daily is awesome. I love changing up the meal each week around our house that way my husband and kids won’t get tired eating the same food.

Being flexible in cooking a different meal is great and fun to do as well. You don’t have to be a perfect chef to cook a delicious meal. Looking at these 21 delicious and easy kielbasa recipes makes my mouth water. So much delicious recipes to choose too and most of these recipes are easy to make as well. Read more

15 Leftover Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

After Thanksgiving, we are often left with WAY more food then we are prepared for!  We plan for so much food that the leftovers could easily feed us for another month!  After a while though, those leftovers start to get a little boring, and we can’t seem to convince ourselves to heat up the mashed potatoes one more time.  This is why I’ve put together a list of different ways you can use some of those Thanksgiving recipes in a fun and new way! Read more

10 Best Ever Air fryer Desserts

If you are like me which until now still doesn’t own an air fryer, these list of dessert will make you want to buy an air fryer. For some reason, winter weather seems to be the time where we want to bake or cook desserts to complete the holiday. One of our favorite to make is french toast, but I cook it using my skillet never tried one yet with air fryer.  I won’t lie these recipes are sounds so delicious and very tempting.

These are perfect to make our holiday more exciting and fun.  Dessert is something easy to prepare and take to any gathering.  With the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year coming up, it’s great to think ahead of time on what to prepare so you will not be rushing through it when the day comes. I hope that these 10 best ever air fryer desserts would help you plan your holidays.

I think I’ll be including an air fryer into my Christmas list this year. Just reading this list is making me hungry. Hope you all enjoy these recipes. Read more