BullFish Grill Restaurant

BullFish Grill Restaurant offers such a delicious food. At that time we had lunch at this place, we weren’t sure what we want to eat. I told my husband that I want to eat some seafood. After eating burgers I was craving for something different. The bullfish Grill restaurant is a very nice place, it’s hard to miss them since they have this big bull outside the restaurant with a fish in his mouth.

We waited for about 5 minutes to get the table available for us. I didn’t know why since there was hardly anyone at the restaurant at that time. We ate lunch early before it gets crowded, so maybe they are short on staff.

When our waitress got to our table, we ordered our drinks first. Then he brought us this delicious bread with some butter spread. I must say the bread was definitely fresh baked because it was so moist.

My step-daughter ordered chicken fingers that comes with some fries and coleslaw. They have the best chicken fingers and fries definitely.

Our daughter Charlotte also ordered their chicken fingers with some fries. Both of the kids were pretty hungry, but the portion they got was just perfect for them.

For my husband, he ordered the grilled chicken with steam broccoli. Very healthy lunch for him, the chicken was actually moist inside and so juicy. It was very well seasoned, and the broccoli was steam perfect.

And for me, I decided to order their blackened tilapia. This comes with rice and a slice of lemon. It was a perfect portion for me since I wasn’t really hungry. The first was very juicy and full of flavor.

This restaurant is very nice, it’s clean inside and the food we ordered was all delicious. Even our kids pretty much eat all their food.

Breakfast At Pancake Pantry

Our breakfast at Pancake Pantry was our favorite. The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly. This place is always busy for breakfast when we went there to eat. It took us about 20 minutes to get our table, although the wait was long it was definitely worth it.

They offer coffee outside the building while waiting for the table. When we finally got out table, we had a hard time deciding what to order. I have never seen a menu with just full of different pancake flavor. Though I was craving for some omelet, my husband suggested something that comes with the omelet.

First, we ordered our drinks, the coffee at this place is the best. Then we ordered our pancakes, my husband ordered the Parisienne pancake that is rolled topped with strawberry compote. It was also topped with cooled compote, powder sugar, and real whipped cream. Read more

Dinner At Johnny Rockets

Dinner At Johnny Rockets was the best, the burgers were delicious and we’re all satisfied with our food. When my husband and I took our kids to Gatlinburg we didn’t really know where to eat. We asked the kids what are they in the mood for, my step-daughter said burgers and so is our 3 years old daughter. My husband told us about Johnny Rockets and how delicious their burgers.

So we decided to have dinner at johnny rockets since it was closer to our lodge. Because there was no parking space near the restaurant we parked at the first parking lot we found. We paid about $10 to park our car which is not a bad deal since we planned on walking after we ate dinner.

When we got to the restaurant the waitress greeted us really nice and right away took us to our table. For our starter, we ordered the bacon cheese fries. Oh my goodness, these fries didn’t last long on the plate at all. It was so delicious, the bacon added so much flavor to the cheese. The fries weren’t salty at all, and it was just perfect.

Then the waitress came back to our table and asked how we like the fries we all told her it was A plus. She was pretty happy to see that our plate was cleaned. Then we proceed on ordering our burgers, there was so much to choose from the menu. However, we asked the waitress what she can recommend to us. Although, she told me her favorite I decided to order something else, with that being said I just want to have a different variety on our table so we can compare the taste.

My step-daughter ordered the smoked house burger, this burger was delicious and it was so juicy and moist inside. It’s layered with onions rings, bacon and cheese. These three combinations of flavors definitely compliment each other. The bread was really good as well, the fries are our favorite too. It was seasoned just perfect and wasn’t saggy.

Our daughter Charley ordered two mini burgers with fries. Yes, she is our big eater, my husband and I was very surprised that she was able to eat her burgers and fries. She didn’t eat all of it, however, she pretty much empties her plate. These burgers were very juicy as well and were just so yummy.

For my husband, he decided to order the salad, because we won’t be able to eat all the food that we ordered. Yes, he knows us very well, each time we go out to eat he always order small portion because he got us figure out already. To be honest he end-up eating half of the burger that my step-daughter ordered, then half of mine.

My burger was so so so delicious, oh my gosh I was stuffed eating the burger. The reason we got full too quickly is that of our starter. The rocket single burger is full of flavor, it was juicy and came layered with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

For our dessert, we ordered their famous shake., this shake is delicious and addictive. Our kids really enjoyed the shake, the combination of chocolate and strawberry was just fantastic. The experienced we had at Johnny Rocket’s, was phenomenal the service was quick and the staff was very friendly. We definitely going find Johnny Rockets near us.


Dinner at Toke – Sushi & Thai Grill

Dinner at Toke Sushi & Thai Grill is something that we don’t really do often. We like exploring to a different restaurant and taste all sort of food, my step-daughter and husband love eating especially if it’s something that I don’t make at home often. Toke Sushi and Thai Grill are located in Fort Payne Alabama, this restaurant offers a lot of fantastic food, they have different sushi and all sort of spicy food that you can order.

The first food we got on our table was the soup and salad that came with two of our orders. The salad was topped with the ginger dressing, and the soup is mix with broth, green onions, and mushrooms. It was a perfect portion enough to fill our stomach while waiting for our food


Read more

Breakfast at Huddle House

My husband and I were trying to decide where we want to go for breakfast Sunday.  I told him that I have never eaten at Huddle house before, so he told the kids that we will be going to huddle house for breakfast.  Yeah, I am serious I have been here in the United States for 12 years now and never once I went to huddle house.  It’s not that I don’t like it but I just never have the needs to do it.  Plus I love making my breakfast at home, also I have other places that I fell in love when it comes to eating breakfast.

The huddle house we went to was really clean and have a nice staff.  We started with a cup of coffee for me and my husband, while the kids ordered their normal drink which is the sweet tea.

I ordered the Philly Omelette, which comes with biscuits and hashbrown.  To be honest with you all, I’m really not into hashbrown.  Somehow I just never fell in love with it at all, However, I still told the waitress to bring it anyway to see if my taste bud has changed.  The omelet itself is really good, the meat is full of flavor. The mixture of beef, onions, bell pepper is just perfect.

The nest ordered that came to our table was the All The Way hashbrown.  I think that’s what they call it.  They topped it melted cheese, chopped tomatoes, and bell pepper.  Very well seasoned, I must say the taste of this hashbrown is so much better than the one that came with my ordered.  However, I didn’t switch with my husband because I knew how much he like the hashbrown.

Next was the chocolate pancake, our daughter Charley ordered this because it has chocolate.  Imagine that right? Yes, what can I say she is a true chocolate lover.  We got her one chocolate pancake that way there’s no food wasted.  The pancake was mixed with a good amount of chocolate actually and it was very tasty.  It came with a nice pancake syrup and butter. Although, she didn’t eat all the pancake we were very proud of how much she had eaten.

The last food that came was the Western Omelette, ordered by my step-daughter. This omelet is filled with bell pepper, cheese, chopped tomatoes, and onions inside.  It was a pretty good portion omelet, comes with hashbrown and biscuits.

Overall, Huddle House is great but I cannot eat there all the time.  The omelet was a bit greasy for me, but would I go back again? definitely.  It’s a great place to grab a quick breakfast, maybe in the future, I will order different food and see if I like it.  It was definitely a great breakfast with the family. Sitting and visiting with the kids, talking about what we can do for the weekend.


Seoul Restaurant Authentic Korean Food

Lately, I have been craving for some authentic Korean Food. I have asked few our friends on where we can get an authentic Korean food.   However, no one really knows until I asked our other friend.  My husband and I did some research and found the Seoul Restaurant. But before we travel, I asked another friend of mine for the best place to go in Birmingham Alabama for a Korean lunch date. Luckily she pointed us to go to Seoul Restaurant as well.

My husband and I drove to Birmingham for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  We were loss few minutes since it was in a little shopping center.  To make it easier to find, for a lot of people I think they just have to remember that it’s in the shopping center as Aldi.

First, as we walked towards the door. They have it advertise on their door healthy, organic food.  After we got sited our waitress also told us that their food is organic.  The waitress is very friendly and informative as well. The first thing we ordered was their ginseng tea.  Oh, my this tea was unbelievable it was warm enough to drink.

After serving our ginseng tea, he then asked us if we want an appetizer.  So go ahead and ordered our appetizer and our main dish.  However, before they serve our appetizer, the man came back pushing his cart with all the starter dish, soup, and bowl of rice. These starters are delicious, my husband favorite was the fried tofu.  I must say he is not big into eating tofu, but he definitely surprised me for eating all of it. Read more