Birmingham Zoo Adventures

Last weekend we had so much fun on our Birmingham Zoo Adventures . My husband and I decided to take our daughter to the Birmingham Zoo, because it has been awhile since the last time we visited the place. It was a lot of fun, they have added a lot of animals.  Although we was hoping to see the Dinosaurs again, however I think they have removed it completely from the Zoo.  However, they replaced the section where they normally display all the dinosaurs with the Alabama Wild Animals.

The Zoo was very clean and the staff was very friendly.  Everything is very clean and of course their number priority is the customers safety which is wonderful. The first thing we did when we arrived at the Zoo was to buy our tickets.  We payed about $65.00 and some change for our ticket.  Our daughter was not free anymore since she is three years old. We also took advantage on the great offer for all their rides so our daughter will have fun.   Our daughter loves to ride the carousel, so as soon as we got inside the zoo, she asked her dad if both of them can ride the carousel. Read more

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Chattanooga Aquarium Trip

Chattanooga Aquarium Trip was a must after working so hard all week.  My husband and I decided to take our little 3 years old to the Aquarium since she is old enough to really enjoy it.  The drive going to Chattanooga was not bad at all, the traffic was fine but one thing for sure finding a parking space is not easy.  We paid almost $80.00 for all our tickets, since she is three she is not free anymore.  So if your child is under 3 years old then it’s totally free.

When we got inside the aquarium they scanned our tickets and  took our pictures hoping that you will buy it after your sight seeing in the aquarium.  The first show we have watched was the sea lion, our little girl enjoyed the show but we didn’t finished it because she wants to explore the aquarium. Although we’ve visited the aquarium before but at that time she was not really old enough to enjoy all the animals.

It was a lot of fun watching her smile, and get excited with all the fishes, snakes, turtle, butterfly, and to be able to touch the stingray.  All we heard before arriving at the aquarium is that for her to touch the stingray. One thing though she was scared with the shark, even though we told her that there is a glass in between us, still she was scared.  It was a quick trip at the aquarium, however the memories we have created with our little girl is priceless.  It’s a fulfillment inside knowing that our princess had a blast even though daddy and mommy was tired.

The Chattanooga Aquarium is beautiful and the staff are very friendly and helpful. A lot of people visited the aquarium that time we was there.  Very educational to our kids i must say and for the price it’s definitely worth it. After our visit in the aquarium, we decided to ate lunch at one of the restaurant near where we park.  Rita’s serve all sort of ice cream as well as easy and delicious lunch. Our little girl wanted to have some ice cream, and my husband and I ordered a quesadilla.

The food at Rita’s was really good, we enjoyed it a lot.  The price was not bad especially it’s being downtown Chattanooga. I’d say the we pay $6.95 on a big quesadilla that is enough for me and my husband.  Our Chattanooga Aquarium Trip was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend visiting the Chattanooga Aquarium if you haven’t yet.

Have you visited the Chattanooga Aquarium yet? What did you think about it? Let me down below, and share what other nice aquarium have you visited.



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Rock City Chattanooga

Today I am sharing you these beautiful photos that I took during our site seeing at Rock City located in Chattanooga.  The place is really pretty, it’s a perfect place to go for family weekend fun or for everyone.  The view is quite scary for me since I don’t like heights, crossing the rocky bridge was one terrifying for me.  If you are not scared with heights then you will be fine.

These pictures was taken by me about few years ago maybe 5 years.  But I thought I’d share this here since summer is approaching and I know a lot of people out there is planning for their vacation or for something to do when their kids is out of school.  Rock City is a beautiful place, your kids will have a blast. One thing though you need to remember to carry a drink.  I always carry drinks and snacks for my kids.   Although there is a place at Rock City where you can buy food and drink so if you don’t want the hassle of carrying drinks for your kids you can always buy it from their.

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