2017 Filipino Christmas Party

A friend of ours hosted the 2017 Filipino Christmas Party this year.  They invited a lot of our Filipino friends, brought food as well.  This year we did what we called Potluck, it’s so much easier to the host to cook less food and for the guest to bring the rest.  We also exchange gift, the women have $15 limit and so is the young lady.  For the kids, they have $10 limit, and for the guys, they have $15 limit as well.

The company with the family and friends was amazing and the food was delicious.  Although we are away from our family we are happy whenever we do a party like this.  That is because it feels so much like home, the party was a lot of fun.  We did few games for the kids and adult to enjoy and whoever wins get a prize.  We have a lot of food as usual you know, and they are all delicious.   Read more