Valentina Sauce Review – Hot – Spicy & Delicious


Today I am doing a Valentina Sauce Review – Hot – Spicy & Delicious. I am sure some of you are familiar with this sauce. I first tasted this at the flea market they used this sauce to add inside the bag of some snack. This one is spicy I love, some people use this for their taco and burritos.  The other day when I went grocery shopping at Aldi. I found this big bottle, the price is right lol meaning not expensive at all. If I remembered it correctly I think this bottle cost around $1.50 that just my guess , I can’t really remember but anyway it was cheap. 
My family love eating spicy food so having this around is really handy.  This sauce taste really good, it’s spicy enough for all of us. I believed this bottle will last us for awhile. So if you love eating spicy and you want some hot sauce you might want to try Valentina.  It’s really good you will not regret it.
Thank you all for stopping by here and you all have a great day. 
Have you tried this sauce before? 
Did you like it? If not what didn’t you like about it?