Cauliflower Turkey Pizza

Cauliflower Turkey Pizza is the recipe that I’m gonna be sharing with you today.  Our youngest one love eating pizza, however, we just can’t buy any pizza that she wants since she is gluten-free.  Finding gluten-free pizza around our area is impossible.  I told my husband that I need to learn how to make cauliflower pizza that way we all can enjoy it and it’s healthy as well.  Talking about one excited kid in the house, when our youngest daughter found out that we are making cauliflower pizza, the reaction we got was just priceless.

Cauliflower Turkey Pizza is something that we definitely gonna be making again.  It turns out so delicious, and it was cheesy as well.  Definitely, feed the craving our daughter,  you can use any meat you want.  I was thinking on using shredded chicken next time or even beef just to see which one taste the best.   If your kids don’t like eating vegetables, you can definitely serve this cauliflower turkey pizza to them without any problem.  I doubt they will even know the difference in the crust.  Read more

Turkey Spaghetti Squash

Turkey Spaghetti Squash is one of my favorite dishes to cook among all the dish I cook at home.  This has become the favorite of my step-daughter she requested this dish for over a month, so finally, I was able to get my hand on the spaghetti squash while I’m in the store without forgetting it.  Yes, I made sure it was on my list, I told my husband that I want to surprise my step-daughter for something that she has been wanting to eat.

Making the Turkey Spaghetti Squash wasn’t had at all.  I baked my squash for about 20 minutes, it was perfect Al dente.  However, cooking your squash is all depends on the size of the squash. The two I bought wasn’t big nor small either, it was in between.  Before I put them in the oven, I made sure that it’s clean and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I put it facing down on my baking sheet with a little bit of water in the bottom. Read more

Chicken Siomai Recipe

This Chicken Siomai Recipe is so simple, easy and delicious.  My husband loves easing Chicken Siomai, it’s one of his favorites to order whenever we go eat at any Asian Restaurant.   What I love about this Chicken Siomai Recipe is that the ingredients I used are good for your body.  This meal is very healthy, and can be eaten as is or with dipping sauce.  Since this was my husband favorite I thought I’d surprise him by making it for his dinner.  I would say I was pretty nervous because it was my first time making it at home from scratch. Read more

Keto Ground Beef Florentine Scramble

Lately, I’ve noticed that the Keto diet has become more popular. If you are not familiar with the Keto diet, it’s a low-carb, with a high-fat diet that offers a lot of health benefits. It amazed me how much weight they lose doing this diet. One of our friends is doing this diet and we are blown away at how much weight he lost. Read more

15 Delicious Recipes To Sneak More Veggies Into Your Diet

Today I’m sharing these 15 delicious recipes to sneak more veggies into your diet. Eating healthy is very important in our household since the day my husband landed in emergency twice so much has changed in our eating habit. We watch everything that we eat, no fried food but of course every now and then I do cook something that requires frying.

Since his first incident at the ER where I almost lose him, I changed my way of cooking and incorporating it with healthy veggies. These recipes I have here would be perfect to fit your diet. Most of these are easy to make, and honestly, quinoa has become my favorite to eat. It’s my substitute for rice. Eating vegetables is great for our body and so many recipes that you can do with veggies to make it taste even better. Read more

115 Instant Pot Recipes

This post contains linking back to other bloggers for the complete recipe.

Today I am sharing these 115 Instant Pot Recipes that will be perfect for your Sunday meal prep.  There is no doubt that instant pot is the new tool that we all love to have in our kitchen.   Pinterest is full of so many Instant Pot recipes, however, today I am happy to share these 115 instant pot recipe I have gathered from my fellow bloggers.

Instant pot has become more popular these days.  Not only does it cook your meal so delicious and easy.  But it also a time saver for you especially when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.  There are many ways to use your Instant Pot for all your meal prep.  I have read so many articles about Instant Pot and it made me think that I think it’s time that I buy one for myself.  So hopefully, my husband will get my hint about it. Read more